Japan to release over one million tonnes contaminated Fukushima water into sea after treatment

Watch | Japan to release contaminated Fukushima water into the sea

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A video on the decision of Japanese govt. to release 1.3 million tonnes of contaminated water from the Fukushima nuclear plant into the sea

On April 13, the Japanese govt. announced the release of more than 1 million tonnes of contaminated water into the sea from the destroyed Fukushima​ nuclear station.

This move has been opposed by its own fishing industry and neighbouring countries like South Korea, China, and Taiwan

According to the govt., the first release of water will take place in about two years. This time period will give the plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) time to begin filtering the water to remove harmful isotopes, build infrastructure and acquire regulatory approval.

Japan​ has argued that the water release is necessary to press ahead with the complex decommissioning of the plant after it was crippled by a 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

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