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Verdict Split Among Students After CBSE’s Class 10, 12 Move

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“Don’t know if this is good news or bad news!” The sentiment echoed across the nation as parents and students weigh in on the government’s decision to postpone class 12th and cancel class 10th CBSE Board exams. Students are worried about the impact of delayed class 12 exams on the admission process, some also were apprehensive about the evaluation criteria the board will adopt for class 10.

Students worried about college admissions

Architect Rajesh Advani’s daughter Kirti Advani a class 12 student in a Delhi-based private school said, “I don’t know if this should make me happy or sad” – to her parents on hearing about the government’s decision.

Though her parents like many others are relieved that between health and exams the government chose the former. “Postponing the class 12th exams is a good move but my daughter is anxious. We have come to a point where we have to decide between health and examination. It’s good that the government chose that,” said Rajesh.

Vashishth Choudhury from a class 12 student and an engineering aspirant from Indore claims he is relieved to know that his exams have been postponed. “Though my friends are very upset as they had plans to apply for foreign universities. I am relieved as I would be appearing for JEE, and class 12 results would not have any weight for my admission.”

Cancellation is fine but not the end of worry

Pankaj Gupta who is a businessman is unhappy with the cancellation of class 10 boards. His daughter was to sit for class 10th exams and had prepared for it. “Class 10th is the base of any student. I am of the opinion that the government is running away from responsibility to hold these exams efficiently. If other things are not stopping, then why exams?”

He said that the government should be flexible and devise a strategy to hold exams for those who wish to appear.

Consider Impact of Online classes while evaluating Class 10 students

Saumya Singh, studying in class 10th in a CBSE-affiliated government school in Rae Bareli is relieved about the decision but at the same time worried about the evaluation that will follow. He urges CBSE to make guidelines keeping the challenges of online education in mind.

He told News, “The entire year online education was erratic. Schools remained closed for the most part and when they did reopen, my parents did not give consent for me to join physical classes. Online education did not give me any time to clear doubts though there were recorded lectures but the clarity that comes with in-person interaction was a miss. The evaluation process for class 10 students should consider that the classes were held online.”

The government has decided that results of Class 10 Board will be prepared on the basis of an “objective criterion”. It is yet o be developed by the Board. But Singh is glad to know that any candidate who is not satisfied with the marks allocated to him/her on this basis on the special criterion will be given an opportunity to sit in for exams as and when the conditions are conducive. “Still why to complicate things further… we can’t keep running after this. The marks should be given in accordance with the online education’s challenges,” he said.

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