[UPSC SOLVED Essay] Life is a long journey between human being and being humane

Being a human being is not easy. It requires great self-restraint to avoid treating people as objects, and from there to avoid mistreating them or preventing them from developing. It requires courage to face the risks of being friends and partners with people in a world full of forces on every side arguing for separation and distance

 It requires all the wisdom, courage, compassion, empathy and fortitude that we can muster. We also need to live with an awareness of our place in a vast and magnificent universe. We all start at the beginning, from a state of sub-humanity.

 We seem to be born helpless little beings with physical needs and emotional outbursts. In civilized society we are taught how to control these. At some point we get enough of a sense of self-control to join the adult ranks as another breathing cog in the wheellike structure of society.

Happiness is hard to come by in the world. However, it is very achievable for some people. The most important thing is to learn to be happy first and the necessary things like money, friends etc will follow you automatically on your way to happiness.

Life is a long journey between human being and being humane. It is a journey of transformation from the primitive man to intellectual man. Individual is the part of the society. It means he/she must obey social rules and norms and comply with the social responsibility. However, in our daily life we are generally selfish, self centered, we care about only ourselves and care nothing about others or other people. In medical field, there are cases that some doctors give more priority to earn money rather than fighting with

Life is a long journey. A journey from being human to being humane. In order to become a big person, you have to live like a child not for a while but for good. This can hardly be achieved until you are on your own. It is never too late or too early, as long as you can be who you are and be happy about it.

As one of the greatest moviemakers, Charlie Chaplin taught us that. We should do all we can to make life beautiful and worth living.

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