[UPSC SOLVED ESSAY 2020]Ships Do Not Sink Because Of Water Around Them , Ships Sink Because Of Water That Gets Into Them

A ship is a sailing ship that sails through water. It is intended for a journey, no matter how big or how deep the ocean is. It makes it good for the journey because it experiences changes and difficulties while sailing across the ocean. It depends on the design and construction principles of the ship: it is based on its condition of stable weight, how fast it can move, its resilience to recover from difficulties, the way it maneuvers, the resistance with which it reacts to water, wind and wounds, all of which create conditions for the ship.

It brings many evil things – communism, corruption, violence, racism, untouchability, blackmail – into people. It is true that it depends on the person who lets the water into their ship and their character. A person can practice good introspection and keep away from the evil forces in his heart     

It depends on the individual whether you let water into your ship or not. Mahatma Gandhi once said: “Open your windows and let air into your room, but do not blow through the windows into the wind. The reason is what distinguishes us from animals. It’s because men are sensible and wise.                    

It’s an old saying but a true one.  A ship sinks not because of the water around it but because of the water that gets into it.  To prevent this from happening, you place a bulkhead in between the water outside and the water inside. This is to ensure that if there is any leak, it won’t affect the entire equilibrium of the ship.

A man is like a ship.  He has his own tanks which represent his strengths and weaknesses.  If he wants to become stronger, he must constantly keep his tanks filled with fuel as well as check for leaks on a regular basis.  If you put fuel into your tank, you can never under-fuel your tank; and if you can never under-fuel your tank, then there can only be improvements.

Individually one can relate to this topic in different aspects of life, if  person wants to do or achieve something there will some negative forces that drag  or hamper the confidence , its not because of the external factors , it s because you are allowing them to  get in to your head , you crate a self doubt with in you

 within a family, there are positive and negative people. Some families break down, and families divide, not because of positive or negative people around them. They let such one or two elements into them or let others breed hatred or dispersed within the family. And that, that is the cost. So you, you are intelligent enough to think about these things, but, you know, whatever arguments you want to make, concerning justifications. 

 for example, India is surrounded by both friendly and hostile countries. it’s not just because of the presence of these countries. if somebody within India allows these enemies to infiltrate either through insurgency, terrorism, whatever it is. So that might result in the breakdown of the country. so-called, balkanization balkanization, and that has never taken place because of forward strong values, diversity, and a strong constitution stability of the government. There are so many things, so there is deterrence, but present within an individual or within nations within institutions. So that is about positive things. that is the counter argument. 

So when, when can always withstand them with a strong attitude, positive values and all those things, entire humanity can also be an example for this topic with respect to justification. So this topic implies that you know, when a ship is moving in a, in an ocean, there is so much of water around it, but it doesn’t sink because of water around it, but it sinks because what are that get into them. So the water can get into a ship because of flooding are many other reasons, you know, it can collide with an iceberg or rock and something called grounding in shallow waters. The riders can hit the ground and cause the breakdown, poor weather conditions, there is a major reason why ships sink for all the equipment’s human intelligence, no human there because of fatty or a low number of personal human negligence, or because of loss of stability is not built properly in proper maintenance, corrosion. 

So when we make causing physical harm, somebody could harm them, but not you know, in terms of totally destroying them. So you can destroy our physical body, but not their ideas, their ideologies or their values or the legacy they leave behind. So you talk about what are the values that one should possess. So whether it’s water around them or water gets into them. So they go on to live forever and they go on to live a meaningful life. So there is a life beyond that as well. So you can bring that dimension as well.

Also, while moving towards conclusion, you can talk about a human spirit.  ships might sink, but if the people in the ship are strong helps come to help, comes to them so they can save their lives. So you can lose a property, you can lose your house, you can lose your job, but as long as that life force is intact strong. when can always create a new life, create a new life for themselves and live a normal life as well. it applies in the case of nations and, anything, you know, that, that happens to an individual can be made temporary, not permanent. So because you know, it is always the people around them will ultimately save them .

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