All-time best optional subjects for UPSC

Remove all of the optional subjects which you’re completely unaware of. As an example, if you’re an engineering student you can’t take zoology as an elective as it’s something entirely new to you and also you do not know ABCD inside it.

But there are a few humanities optional topics like Anthropology that are new to any engineering student but those areas are general topics and you can at least try to read them.

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Now, Do a study about the optional topics that you understand something. Using this method you’ll have only 5 to 6 elective subjects to select. The following points need to be considered while performing the research.

What’s the talk about that discretionary for the previous 3 decades.
Do advice and material is available for that topic? With this, you’ll have just two to three optional subjects which you’re willing to take.

Some stats related to optional performance in 2019 based on a limited sample of data

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So basically it is individuals interest on categorizing the pros and cons of particular subject choose. Pick a subject that your are comfortable and objectively analysing yourself

Apart from that one should be also check

1.The availablity of good material

2. Good Test series

3. Evaluation of your optional paper

4. Solving optional papers by self and able to keep your perspective

5. Adding relevant current affairs and case studies or quotes in your optional (if applicable [e.g :Mathematics has very limited luxury on this aspect]

A brief comparative analysis of Science and Humanities subjects But need far more time for completion of syllabus and revision.

Besides, these subjects have no overlap with GS syllabus.Humanities subjects – Difficult to score in, and vulnerable to’swings of marking and scoring by UPSC’.

But require limited time to complete, and knowledge of some subjects like PSIR, Sociology, and Anthropology is very helpful in Essay, Ethics, Interview, and GS. In conclusion, ALL the subjects have an equally good likelihood of fetching good marks. It depends on YOU the way you handle that subject.

All the best

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