[Solved] The spirit of tolerance and love is not only an interesting feature of Indian society from very early times, but it is also playing an important part at the present. Elaborate ( UPSC GS-1 Mains 2017)

[Solved] The spirit of tolerance and love is not only an interesting feature of Indian society from very early times, but it is also playing an important part at the present. Elaborate ( UPSC GS-1 Mains  2017)

Spirit of tolerance and love are an integral part of India’s tradition. India has a long history of the culture of tolerance. India is a multi-religious society and has proved to be a peaceful haven for different religions and cultures. From the time of Buddha to Gandhi India has been an exemplary example of tolerance.

 Tolerance in India:

 • According to the traditional way of thinking, India believes in plurality, or in the words of the great Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi, “the many ness of reality”

 • In India traditional belief system says that every human being has a content of divinity and accords equal position to every man and woman. This is the genesis of the culture of tolerance in India. This has been applicable for all the religion that were founded in this region, such as Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism, and Sikhism.

 • Swami Vivekananda at the Parliament of the World’s Religions said “We believe not only in universal toleration but we accept all religions as true.”

 • Tolerance is essential because it recognises that there can be more than one path for the attainment of truth and salvation. A tolerant society protects the right to dissent. If there is pervasive intolerance the inevitable consequence will be violence and that would ultimately pose a serious threat to  democracy.

 • In recent years, there have been various instances of communal and caste clashes, many people in India do not want to rent homes to Muslims, single women and men and people from the northeast

 but these have largely been in isolation overall India still in fraternity and brotherhood and is one of most tolerant nations in the world.

 • It is this tolerance which also shows less recruitment of youth into ISIS when compared to other nations.

 Spirit of Love in India:

 • Love is intrinsic part of Indian community, because since ancient times, be it works of great poets like Kalidasa love is the tradition whether it is in the bhakti tradition, love and respect towards parents, elders, and god have been intrinsically part of Indian thought process.

 • Even today when intolerance and respect towards people is being lost India is revered as one of the most cultured countries with respect to family life and relations. Despite the increasing communalism, the situation in India is much better than rest of the world, given its diversity.

  • Indian society from very early times is tolerant society, our ancient religions like, Buddhism, Jainism preaches us tolerance and path of nonviolence.
  • There were attacks from foreign rulers, internal wars were fought, but incident of communal riots, communal attacks among different sections were not taken place in the Indian history.
  • Though attackers, rulers plundered the temples and destroyed them belonging to different religions, but people never fought among themselves by taking it as a pretext.
  • We accepted foreign culture without any hesitation and assimilated in our culture. Level of acceptance shown at Foreign religions like Islam, Christianity revels the tolerant levels of Indian society.
  • Except Cholas no Indian ruler invaded any foreign Territory, we accepted many hegemonies. We fought independent struggle under the aegis of Mahatma Gandhi with principle of nonviolence and tolerance.
  • Satyagraha is the best example to that in modern times. Even today in our country we are choosing Satyagraha as the best method to achieve our demands, that heritage have been continuing even today.
  • Though sometimes politicians, antisocial elements, communal organizations trying to disturb the order, but still common man is showing lot of tolerance.
  • If their genuine concerns are there they will fight with the government but not with the other sections. Accepting the culture, movies, dressing style etc. Shown that our tolerance levels of the day.
  • Indian social, cultural and physical diversity is unique to itself and is known world-wide. It would be wrong to think that the concept of Love and Tolerance has just emerged in Indian society but is inculcated in society since 1000s of years shaping its culture.

 Early Indian Society:

  • Religions like Buddhism and Jainism originated in India promoting the spirit of non-violence and people with different religious beliefs, cultural and social habits got a chance to settle down peacefully together in India.
  • Recorders of history are compelled to look at different religious beliefs separately in their documents but there are also records that such transitions between different parts of society were always fluid. Bhaktism and Sufism are recorded as movements bringing different thoughts but they were sat and discussed together by everyone.
  • Mughal emperor Akbar is famous for entertaining people with all kinds of religious beliefs in his darbar. He even gave chance to christians from Europe to explain their beliefs and understood them. He also employed a lot of Hindus in his administrative service.
  • The communal violence during partition took many lives but there are stories at individual levels where hindus and muslims have helped each other to safety depicting that love and tolerance is basic to Indian Individuals.

 Modern Indian Society

  • Diversity is celebrated in India. Religious holidays and festivals are being celebrated throughout the year which generate economic opportunities for people of all types of people Bollywood has celebrities from all types of religions and everybody watches their films when its released on special occasions like Eid, Diwali, New year.
  • Punjabis organise Langars weekly in gurudwaras and people are served food irrespective of religious beliefs.
  • Rohingya and other immigrants prefer to settle in India than their own countries because they believe they could have a better life in the nation than their hostile countries./spirit of tolerance/
  • India has accomodated and given many opportunities to all religions and the word secular in the Indian constitution, beliefs and actions is going to continue to live to this spirit of love and tolerance towards every faith.
  • However the government has undertaken various measures like Swadesh darshan scheme, curbing mob lynching, organising cultural haats etc but much more need to be done to revitalise the unity that we held so dear.Awareness generation, community participation programmes along with strong political will to curb intolerating behaviour is the key to bring back the unity in diversity that we all cherished for so long.Thereby making India Bharat again./spirit of tolerance/

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