The Power Within Us: How do we deal with it?

The Power Within Us: Have you ever noticed that this world was made to complete perfection?
There is a reason and use for every single thing that you can see, taste, touch,
hear, and feel on this planet. Everything works and fits together in perfect
harmony. From the functions and shapes of our bodies to the little critters
running around with a purpose. The sun is just close enough to the earth to
sustain life and we have a moon, which gives us just enough light when the sun
goes down.

The Power Within Us: How do we deal with it?
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Amidst all this maturity around us, what makes us think that God has made
the world unfair? Actually, nothing is unfair at all. This world was made
completely and 100% fair to everyone, just as it was made so that
everything in it works together like the inside of an old grandfather clock.
How can I say such a thing when some of us are born into poverty and some
are born into financial wealth? I say this because this universe was made to
include The Law of Attraction. With The Law of Attraction, every human being
on earth has the same ability to create their lives precisely the way they want it.
It doesn’t matter where you were born, how much money your family has,
whether you were good in school or if you were born with no legs and arms.
Everyone was born with The Law of Attraction and it works the same for all of
Of course, there are some things that we cannot change. If you were born
with no legs and no arms you cannot simply grow them. However, people who
were born into similar circumstances as even this can still make the most of what
he has been given. By using The Law of Attraction we are all just as able as any
other, to create the lifestyle of our dreams.
If you haven’t heard of The Law of Attraction yet, get ready. This really is
the secret to life. Some believe that The Law of Attraction is just a theory. This
actually couldn’t be further from the truth. The Law of Relativity and The
Law of Gravity, The Law of Attraction is also a proven Universal law that we
cannot defy. (Power within us)
The Law of Attraction states that we create things, events, circumstances, and
the people that come into our lives by our thoughts and feelings. This means that
we can have, do, or become anything that we choose by using our thoughts in
positive ways.
On the flip side, because there is no way around this universal law, the
reverse is also true. We create every one of our own negative circumstances as
well, simply by the thoughts and emotions we send out into The Universe.
This is not an idea, theory, or a what-if.

This is one of life’s laws that each
and every human being lives with. It is just like any other universal law for the
facts that there is no way to avoid it and there is no way of changing it. It simply
is what it is. (Power within us)
There is one way, however, that The Law of Attraction differs from all the
others. The Law of Attraction is the one and only universal law that we have the
ability to control. We exist in a system of Cause and Effect. With each thought and
emotion that we have, there is an effect on it.
There are two ways that we can use our thoughts. The first is that we can use
them uncontrollably, which in turn gives us no conscious say in what the effect
our thoughts and emotions will bring about.(Power within us)
Or, we can learn to control our emotions in order to force the positive effects
we desire into our lives. Like the other universal laws, The Law of Attraction has
rules on how it works. When we learn how these rules work, we can use this law
to our advantage and create the lives we otherwise would only dream of.

Many people want to learn about The Law of Attraction simply for the sake
of making more money, and that’s okay. But you should know that The Law of
Attraction can help you in every aspect of your life; money, energy, fame,
relationships, love, finding the resources you need, becoming more efficient in
your talents and so much more.

Upon finishing this book, I urge you to take full advantage of this precious

gift of The Law of Attraction. Put it to use in all areas of your life. Use if for
a financial wealth of course. Everyone wants to be financially wealthy but don’t
stop there. Use it to not only get the things you want but also use it to become
the person you want to be.(Power within us)
Throughout this book, I will be giving you a full explanation of how The Law
of Attraction works. I will also give you many specific techniques on how to use
The Law of Attraction effectively and efficiently so that you can create your
world exactly as you please.

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