The coast of Andhra pradesh is known as?

The coast of Andhra Pradesh is known as the rice bowl of India. It is historically important in South Indian history and was part of the route that served as an interface between the cultures of Northern and Southern India. The Coastline of Andhra Pradesh is located on the southeast coast of Indian Peninsula, and forms a part of Coromandel Coast, with waters of Bay of Bengal. It has the second longest coastline with a length of 975 km (606 mi), next to Gujarat

The Coast of Andhra Pradesh is known as God’s own country it also said to be Paradise on Earth, this coast blessed with long coastline, the Coromandal Coast is the longest coastline of india is also having beaches like bheemili beach which is really famous for its crystal clear water.

The coast of Andhra Pradesh is known as the rice bowl of India. It is located on the southeastern region of the Deccan Plateau, bounded by the Bay of Bengal in the east and by three major rivers, the Godavari, Krishna, and the Mahanadi. The long coastline is dotted with rocky lagoons, beautiful beaches and estuaries.

Andhra Pradesh is one of India’s Southern states situated on the coastline of Bay of Bengal. Ranked highest among the rice producing states of India, Andhra Pradesh is nicknamed as Rice Bowl of India. With an area of 162,970 square kilometres it is the eighth largest state of India by size and with 49,386,799 inhabitants, it is the tenth largest state by population.

Hyderabad was the capital city of Andhra Pradesh, but with bifurcation of Telangana, the city will now serve as capital of the new state. Andhra Pradesh will function from Hyderabad till 2024 and Amaravati is being developed to take over as Andhra’s Capital.

The population of Andhra Pradesh before the formation of Telangana as a separate state was 84,655,533 (2011 census) and it then covered an area of 275,045 sq km. But now, the state is spread across 160,205 sq km and has a population of 49,378,776. Its neighbouring states are Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Telangana, Chhattisgarh and Odisha.

The Andhra coast is a series of connected gateways, with predominantly rocky shores about 80 miles (130 km) in length and entirely within the state of Andhra Pradesh. It consists of many different ports and harbours, the navigation channels between them being dotted with sandbanks. Visakhapatnam is one of the main cities, and its nearby beaches are popular destinations for travelers. Some of its beaches include Ramakrishna, Rushikonda and Chandrabhaga, Swarajeep, Pinsiripalli, Narsingapatnam, Gopalpuram-Yelam

The Andhra Pradesh Coast stretches from the Vellar estuary in the south to the Suddamalai Wildlife Sanctuary in South India. The eastern coast begins at the River Manimala and stretches south all along the Bay of Bengal while the west coast starts at Chilka Lake and ends at Nellore.

The coast of Andhra Pradesh is known as the pearl and the paradise of the South India. Not only for this reason this land is called as Paradise but also because of its natural formation, flora & fauna and the culture. There are numerous tourist attractions available all over the state. And many places can be visited round the year.

The beautiful coastline of Andhra Pradesh is known for its numerous beaches and lush green backwaters. The long coast has some of the most popular cities in the country, namely Visakhapatnam famous for music, Vishakapatanam and Kakinada both famous for kite flying and surfing, and Bhimili beach well known for duck boat rides. This beautiful coastline also merges with the southern parts of Orissa which can be accessed via Brahmani river.

The coast of Andhra Pradesh extends from the Bay of Bengal to the Eastern Ghats, and is bordered by the states of Tamil Nadu in the north and east, Telangana in the north and west, Odisha in the far east, and Karnataka in the southwest. This beautiful state is famed for its nature reserves, national parks and sanctuaries teeming with wildlife.

The coast of Andhra Pradesh is known as the “Rice Bowl” of India. It is a long and narrow stretch of land with rich agricultural lands. People of different tribes lived here in harmony for thousands of years before the first written references were observed around 8th century AD. The mighty Krishna River has several tributaries and flows from west to east dividing the state into two parts: north and south.

Andhra Pradesh is famous for its delicious Andhra cuisine – tangy, hot and spicy. Red chilli is produced in abundance here and is a favourite among the locals.

Districts and Administration in Andhra Pradesh:

Andhra Pradesh has a total number of twenty three districts and is divided into two regions:

  • Rayalaseema
  • Coastal Andhra

These regions have been subdivided into districts. Each district is governed by a District Magistrate, an official from the Indian Administrative Service, who is in charge of administration and revenue collection. A Superintendent of Police, on officer from the Indian Police Service, is in charge of maintaining law and order in the district and a Deputy Conservator of Forests, an officer from the Indian Forest Service, who is in charge of forests, environment and wildlife.

Tourism in Andhra Pradesh:

Andhra Pradesh is blessed with natural beauty and many tourist attractions. Popular tourist centres in Andhra Pradesh are Visakhapatnam- the beach city, Chittoor- Horsley Hills, Kurnool – Mahanandishwara temple, Rajamundri and Prashanti Nilayam -Puttaparthi, Tirupati Balaji Temple at Tirupati, the churches and temples of Vijaywada, and the temples of Nellore. A scenic destination in Vishakapatnam, the Araku valley is a perfect tourist destination. Srisailam is a popular pilgrimage centre, while Leepakshi is a historical heritage site from the 16th century. Leepakshi handicrafts are very famous. Papikondalu and Rajahmundry have a lake and backwaters. Talakona waterfalls enchant with their scenic beauty and are famous for their herbs with healing powers. The area is often visited by trekkers.

The beautiful coast of Andhra Pradesh provides scope for a wide variety of water sports. You can choose from scuba diving, surfing, snorkelling, para-sailing, speed-boating, and windsurfing to name a few. Andhra Pradesh is one of the leading outfitters not only in India but in the world for its unmatched expertise on water sports.

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