The best way to Concentrate on the Pleasure of Progress As an alternative of Fearing Change

“Progress is inconceivable with out change.” ~Walt Disney

I would like you to look within the mirror and inform me what you see.

Do you look older? Does your pores and skin have extra wrinkles? Do you discover darkish circles round your eyes or white hair in your head?

You’re looking at huge adjustments from a decade in the past. Quite a lot of it you most likely don’t like—adjustments as a consequence of your physique rising older. Adjustments that you just can’t resist.

Now look within the mirror once more. Do you discover a extra assured individual? Somebody who’s confident, optimistic, and comfortable in life?

It occurred to me a number of weeks again once I was preparing for an interview. For my preparation, I used to be speaking to myself within the mirror, and as I paused, I had this second of mindfulness by which all I seen was my confidence, optimism, and constructive power.

This one epiphany fully shifted how I checked out change.

That day within the mirror, I noticed progress. I noticed a shy anxious child—one who was afraid and bullied— fully flip the script on its head to turn into a assured, comfortable, and confident human being.

All of us react otherwise to vary. A few of us search it. Some don’t thoughts it however gained’t actively go searching for it. And others don’t prefer it.

No matter the place we stand, I can guess that none of us prefer it when change is pressured upon us. So we battle it as a result of we really feel uncontrolled, and the unknown typically feels scary. However what if taking again management was all a matter of perspective?

Change is automated. It occurs whether or not we prefer it or not, and we’ve no choice however to face it. It’s as much as us to benefit from it. We resolve how we react to it and what we do with it.

Assume Progress, Not Change

All progress equates to vary, however not all change equates to progress. You dropping your job is change. You deciding to pursue a profession that’s extra consistent with your values and passions is progress.

Progress makes us comfortable. It makes us need to soar away from bed each day with intent and goal. Progress pushes us ahead. It needs to be labored on. Not like change, it isn’t automated.

After I look again in any respect the progress I’ve made, it at all times makes me pause and smile and fills me with pleasure. It additionally renews my intent towards my very own growth.

You can’t sit in your ass and hope to progress. It requires motion. It calls for you place within the hours. And within the course of, it pushes you to develop. To turn into somebody able to dealing with any issues that come your approach.

Progress, in the long run, pays you again tenfold! And all of it begins with change.

Change Can Be Distressing, Progress a Blessing

For lots of us, change is a continuing supply of fear. I don’t should look very far for examples. My mother and father get pressured even on the smallest signal of change.

In case you are something like my mother and father, on the first signal of change, you begin to rumble and complain. As an alternative of considering of how this transformation will profit your life, you begin to consider all of the methods by which it can affect you negatively.

That is evident within the vocabulary we use once we discuss change—scary, exhausting, overwhelming. It’s additionally evident in our conduct towards individuals who push us to vary—we could recoil, resist, and even resent them.

In that second when we face or going by way of loads of adjustments, we’ve the chance to acknowledge and get excited concerning the progress we will make, however as a substitute, we frequently select concern.

After we give attention to the joy of progress, change feels quite a bit much less scary and we really feel impressed to take motion. As a result of like survival, curiosity is certainly one of our biggest instincts. We get energized once we think about enjoyable new prospects and give attention to what we will management to create them as a substitute of worrying about what’s out of our fingers.

So subsequent time you’re confronted with a change you didn’t select, as a substitute of asking…

Why me?
What did I do to deserve this?
Why now? I’m not prepared for this…

Ask your self:

How is that this pushing me to progress?
What new experiences and alternatives will this deliver?
What can I do to be prepared for this?

It’s all a matter of perspective. Viktor Frankl, the well-known Holocaust survivor understood this higher than anyone else. In his ebook, he writes:

“Between stimulus and response, there’s a house. In that house is our energy to decide on our response. In our response lies our development and our freedom”

In certainly one of my earlier posts, I shared how I used to rumble and complain. It was simple for me to play the sufferer card and assume solely concerning the damaging impacts of change, fully overlooking the great it’d deliver.

After I first moved to the US, I hated my life there. I used to be pressured to maneuver towards my needs. I went from a carefree eighteen-year-old child to somebody who needed to work minimal wage jobs to assist pay the payments and save up for school.

In that second, I hated it. I used to be offended and pissed off and continually biding my time searching for an escape. However now once I look again, I acknowledge that my work ethic got here from working at a Subway for 5 years. It helped me develop from an introvert to somebody who can simply begin a dialog with any stranger at one arm’s distance. Coming from a rustic the place English is the second language, it sharpened my English-speaking expertise.

The change, in hindsight, led to progress.

When a caterpillar transforms right into a butterfly, you see progress. And isn’t it lovely?

Perhaps it’s time you began to take a look at change in your personal life in the identical mild. You may consider is as dropping the security of your cocoon, or as a possibility to remodel into a lovely, colourful, magnificent butterfly.

The selection is actually yours….

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