TDP leaders placed under house arrest in Visakhapatnam

The TDP has decided to organise protests at all the Disha police station in the State alleging flaws in Disha Act.

Telugu Desam Party (TDP) State Mahila Wing President, V. Anitha, members of Telugu Nadu Student Force (TNSF) and several other party leaders were placed under house arrest from early morning on Thursday at various places in Visakhapatnam city, amid the call given by TDP General Secretary, Nara Lokesh to stage protests at the Disha Police Station.

The TDP has decided to organise protests at all the Disha PS in the State alleging flaws in Disha Act, apart from demanding the government to give clarity on Disha Act and also reveal how far the ruling party has helped the women victims in various cases through this Act.

It may be noted that Anitha, TNSF President, Pranav Gopal, Visakha Telugu Mahila Wing Parliamentary President, Anantha Lakshmi and other leaders have proposed to stage a protest at Disha Police Station, Yendada at 11 a.m. in Visakhapatnam city.

However, the city police on Wednesday evening issued a release clarifying that protests at Disha PS and it’s surrounding places are completely restricted and such attempts will lead to action as per law.

From Thursday morning, the key TDP leaders who were supposed to lead the protest were placed under house arrest. The leaders condemned the police action.

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