London takes aim at New York with five-year financial plan

Britain needs to ease taxes on banks and make it easier to hire staff from abroad, its financial and professional services lobby said in a blueprint to help London unseat New York as the world’s top international financial centre within five years. The strategy paper on Tuesday from TheCityUK reiterated some ideas already aired in … Read more

North Korea has promoted general to ruling party’s powerful presidium, reports KCNA

North Korea has elevated a general long seen as a rising star in the country’s powerful military and a major player in its missile programme to a position in the presidium of the ruling Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) politburo, state media reported on Tuesday. Pak Jong Chon will also serve as secretary of the … Read more

Warning of income gap, Xi Jinping tells China’s tycoons to share wealth

Four decades ago, Deng Xiaoping declared that China would “let some people get rich first” in its race for growth. Now, Xi Jinping has put China’s tycoons on notice that it is time for them to share more wealth with the rest of the country. Xi says the Communist Party will pursue “common prosperity,” pressing … Read more

The masked professor vs. the unmasked student

Matthew Boedy, an associate professor of rhetoric and composition, sent out a raw emotional appeal to his students at the University of North Georgia just before classes began: The COVID-19 delta variant was rampaging through the state, filling up hospital beds. He would teach class in the equivalent of full body armor — vaccinated and … Read more

US-built databases a potential tool of Taliban repression

Over two decades, the United States and its allies spent hundreds of millions of dollars building databases for the Afghan people. The nobly stated goal: Promote law and order and government accountability and modernize a war-ravaged land. But in the Taliban’s lightning seizure of power, most of that digital apparatus — including biometrics for verifying … Read more

Clarissa Ward of CNN Looks Back on the Afghanistan War

Clarissa Ward had four days to catch up on sleep and see her two sons, ages 1 and 3, at her parents’ home in France. Then she was off again, back to work, making her way through Qatar to Pakistan, where she reported from the Afghanistan border. Ward, CNN’s chief international correspondent, was a center-stage … Read more

Consumers and Companies Are Buying In on Paying Later

That $128 pair of jeans can now be had for just four payments of $32. Dropping $100 on cosmetics seems less indulgent when the transaction is broken up into $25 payments. Even a pricey Dyson vacuum can be rationalized when purchased in $125 installments. And retailers from Amazon to Walmart to your neighborhood boutique are … Read more

El Salvador holds 400 bitcoin, price jumps

El Salvador holds 400 bitcoins, President Nayib Bukele said on Monday, one day before the country formally adopts it as legal tender alongside the U.S. dollar. Bitcoin temporarily climbed above 1.49% to more than $52,680 on Monday evening, Refinitiv Eikon data showed, with a Reuters market analyst putting it on track for $56,000-$56,300.Earlier on Monday, … Read more

G7 nations urge return to constitutional order in Tunisia

The ambassadors of the G7 group of advanced economies urged Tunisia’s president on Monday to appoint a new head of government as a matter of urgency and return to a constitutional order in which an elected parliament plays a significant role. Explained | Why Tunisian president has suspended the PM, dissolved Parliament The statement, put … Read more

Trying to find your mother’s remains from Ground Zero, 20 years later

Last month, two detectives showed up at Nykiah Morgan’s Long Island home. Her son, Dante, called her while she was at work. “They’re here about Grandma,” he said. Nearly 20 years ago, Dorothy Morgan, Nykiah Morgan’s mother, disappeared into the rubble of the collapsed towers, like most of the 2,753 ground zero victims on the … Read more