Short on money, legal and otherwise, the Taliban face a crisis

As Afghans pay surging prices for eggs and flour and stand in long lines at the bank, money changers like Enayatullah and his underground financial lifeline have found themselves in desperate demand. Enayatullah — his family name withheld — holds down a tiny point in a sprawling global network of informal lenders and backroom bankers … Read more

Taliban: US airstrike hits suicide bomber targeting airport

The Taliban said that a US airstrike targeted a suicide bomber in a vehicle Sunday who wanted to attack the Kabul international airport amid the American military’s evacuation there. There were few initial details about the incident, as well as a rocket that struck a neighbourhood just northwest of the airport, killing a child. The … Read more

Blood and billions of dollars: NATO’s long war in Afghanistan

Taliban fighters entered Kabul on Sunday and an official said President Ashraf Ghani left the Afghan capital for Tajikistan, capping the militants’ lightning push for power. Here are some facts about NATO’s military involvement in support of the United States: * On Sept. 12, 2001, NATO allies invoked their mutual defence clause for the first, … Read more

Afghan leadership has to determine if they have the political will to fight back: US

Amid Taliban forces increasingly gaining ground in Afghanistan with some accounts putting 60 per cent of its territory under their control, the White House Wednesday said it is for the Afghan leadership to determine if they have the political will to fight back. The Biden administration asserted that the Afghan national forces, which has been … Read more

Official: Airstrikes in south Afghanistan hit clinic, school

Airstrikes damaged a health clinic and high school in the capital of southern Afghanistan’s Helmand province, a provincial council member said Sunday. In northern Kunduz province, Taliban fighters made additional gains. A Defence Ministry statement confirmed that airstrikes were carried out in parts of the city of Lashkar Gah. It said forces targeted Taliban positions, … Read more

US airstrikes in Afghanistan could be a sign of what comes next

Written by Helene Cooper, Thomas Gibbons-Neff and Eric Schmitt The White House authorization of one more bombing campaign in Afghanistan, just weeks before the U.S. military mission is set to end, has a modest stated goal — to buy time for Afghan security forces to marshal some kind of defense around the major cities that … Read more