[Solved]What are the environmental implications of the reclamation of the water bodies into urban land use?Explain with examples.

Environmental implications: Recent flooding in Hyderabad, which was caused by reclamation of urban lakes and encroachment, has brought to light the significance of water bodies for a sustainable urban landscape. • In the 1960s, Bangalore had 262 lakes, but by 2021, there will be only 10 lakes remaining. • Ahmedabad: At least 137 lakes were … Read more

[Solved]Discuss the geophysical characteristics of Circum- Pacific Zone (UPSC 2020)

The Pacific Rim of Fire is the area where the Pacific Plate meets many surrounding tectonic plates and forms a horseshoe shape. It is composed of more than 450 volcanoes. Most active volcanoes on earth are underwater. Many of these volcanoes were formed through the process of subduction. It contains most of the subduction zones … Read more

[Solved] Evaluate the policies of Lord Curzon and their long term implications on the national movements (UPSC 2020)

Lord Curzon was Governor-General with high sovereign ambition. Lord Curzon succeeded Lord Elgin and served as India’s Viceroy between 1899 and 1905. He became the youngest Viceroy of India at the age of 39. The policies of Lord Curzon are termed reactionary as they stem from small incidents and do not have a long-term vision. Lord Curzon, India’s … Read more

[GS Paper 1 2020] UPSC IAS Mains | IAS MAINS 2020 |

After postponing UPSC mains, and with due precautionary measures UPSC conducted mains examination. The Union Public Service Commission conducts recruitment tests for various categories of Group A and few Group B posts in the Indian government every year. The most prestigious and the most competitive exam conducted by the UPSC is the Civil Services Examination. The … Read more