‘They’ll kill us’ – Afghan pilots held at Uzbek camp fear deadly homecoming

The U.S.-trained Afghan pilots and others held at a camp in Uzbekistan already feared being sent back to Taliban-ruled Afghanistan. So it was little comfort when an Uzbek guard unsympathetically quipped the other day: “You can’t stay here forever. “The offhand warning added to an already grinding sense of unease at the camp just across … Read more

Afghan women stage rights protest a day after Taliban leader’s remark

Dozens of women gathered on the streets of Herat, a city in western Afghanistan, on Thursday, protesting against the Taliban and demanding more rights and inclusion in a new future government that may be announced as soon as Friday. “Don’t be afraid,” the women chanted as they marched toward the governor’s office, holding signs. “We … Read more

No evidence to verify whether Pakistan brought in fighters to support Taliban in Afghanistan: Pentagon

The Pentagon has said it has seen no evidence to corroborate reports that there were Pakistan nationals along with the Taliban fighters in Afghanistan. “I have not seen anything to corroborate that report,” Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby told reporters at a news conference on Thursday when asked about the reported allegations by former Afghanistan … Read more

World united in what they expect Taliban to do for recognition in Afghanistan: White House

The world is united in what they expect the Taliban to do to get recognition in Afghanistan from the international community, the White House said noting that it is for China to decide where it would like to stand on the situation. “The world is united in what they expect the Taliban to do, which … Read more

China trying to take over Bagram air force base, use Pakistan against India: Nikki Haley

In the aftermath of the Taliban regaining power in Afghanistan, a former senior American diplomat has said there is a need to closely watch China as it is making a move to take over the Bagram air force base that was controlled by the United States for nearly two decades. America’s former envoy to the … Read more

After Taliban takeover, Afghans in the Gulf worry about home

Five months ago, 35-year-old Abadat left Afghanistan with her two teenage daughters for the Gulf fearing for their safety after a series of explosions rocked the neighbourhood where they lived. Now safely in the United Arab Emirates, Abadat fears for her family back in Afghanistan following the swift take over by the Taliban that culminated … Read more

How Instagram star helped rescue dozens from Afghanistan

Dozens of desperate Afghans who had been trying to flee the Taliban before Tuesday’s deadline for the US withdrawal from Kabul made it to safety with help from an unexpected place: Instagram influencer Quentin Quarantino. Quarantino is the alter ego of 25-year-old Tommy Marcus of New York City, previously best-known for his liberal memes and … Read more

First outreach signal: UNSC drops Taliban reference in line on terror

LESS than two weeks since the Taliban captured power in Afghanistan, the United Nations Security Council has dropped a reference to it from a paragraph in its statement that called on Afghan groups not to support terrorists “operating on the territory of any other country”. India, which is the President of the UNSC for the … Read more

The right-wingers who admire the Taliban

As the Taliban swept through Afghanistan this month, a Gen Z alt-right group ran a Twitter account devoted to celebrating their progress. Tweets in Pashto juxtaposed two laughing Taliban fighters with pictures meant to represent American effeminacy. Another said, the words auto-translated into English, “Liberalism did not fail in Afghanistan because it was Afghanistan, it … Read more

Taliban success in Afghanistan seen as boost for extremists

A few days after the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, a convoy of militants drove through the city of Idlib in northwestern Syria in cars bearing the group’s white-and-black flags, honking horns and firing their guns in the air. The celebrations by an al-Qaida affiliate in a remote corner of war-torn Syria were an expression of … Read more