Modernity and social changes in Europe and emergence of Sociology-UPSC Sociology Notes

Modernity and social changes: Modernization/Modernity refers to rapid social, economic, political, and cultural changes that were taking place in the 18 th century Europe Commercial and Scientific Revolution between the 14 th and 18 th centuries, along with the cultural saw a revival in medicine, art, literature, astronomy, navigation, chemistry, philosophy and so on.  Ideological … Read more

What are the forces that led to the development of social theory?

The foundations of social theory are the result of a confluence of social, historical, economic, political, and scientific developments. The social forces that gave rise to these developments in turn arose from an increasingly complex political life as states began to expand their territorial power and the conduct of politics became more centralized. The rise … Read more

How did the intellectual forces lead to the emergence of sociology? Discuss.

According to the organic analogy of Herbert Spencer, The emergence of sociology is associated with the evolution of man. However, the roots of sociological understanding go back to ancient Greek and Roman literature. But the systematic study of society emerged in the West. Besides, we do find references of law, the state, and the society in … Read more

What is the social pillar of sustainability?

Understanding the economic, social, and environmental pillars of sustainable growth. The social pillar refers to, in broad terms, people’s policies that support social issues. These societal problems relate to our wellbeing and include aspects including healthcare, education, home, they ensure that people do have access to social services, do not suffer through lack of knowledge … Read more

Modernity and social changes in Europe and the emergence of sociology

Sociology: Modernity and social changes in Europe and the rise of sociology o The development of sociology as a logical control can be followed to the French and the Mechanical upheaval. Both these upsets prompted huge socio, monetary and political changes in Europe. o This period is otherwise called the edification time frame since it … Read more