How Lightning Strikes?

How Lightning Strikes?• As per IMD, With 9 lakh lightning strikes between April 1 and July 31 in 2019, Odisha recorded the highest number of lightning strikes in the country, while Jammu and Kashmir recorded the least with about 20,000 strikes.• Key findings: The highest intensity lightning strikes were observed in the Chhotanagpur plateau inEast … Read more

[Anti Car Theft Technique] MicroDot Technology

A microdot is an image considerably decreased in size to reduce detection by unintended recipients. Microdots are typically round and round a single millimeter in diameter but may be made into various shapes and sizes and made from several materials like metal or polyester. The title stems from the simple fact that the microdots have … Read more

UPSC-What is Arrokoth ( Ultima Thule)

More about the Arrokoth National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has recently been renamed the farthest cosmic body, formerly known as ‘Ultima Thule’ to ‘Arrokoth’ or Sky. NASA has renamed the distant space rock after being criticized in the name of the old Nazi connections. The object will now be known as Arrokoth, Native American … Read more