Russia says Kabul seems safer under Taliban than it was under Ghani

Russia’s ambassador to Afghanistan praised the Taliban’s conduct on Monday and said the group, still officially designated a terrorist organisation in Russia, had made Kabul safer in the first 24 hours than it had been under the previous authorities. The comments by Ambassador Dmitry Zhirnov reflect an undisguised effort by Russia to deepen its well-established … Read more

Taliban could isolate Kabul in 30 days, takeover in 90 – U.S. intelligence

The Taliban could isolate Afghanistan’s capital Kabul in 30 days and potentially take it over in 90 days, a U.S. defense official told Reuters on Wednesday, citing a U.S. intelligence assessment. Taliban fighters have taken control of eight provincial capitals in six days, a pace that has surprised U.S. officials. Taliban forces now control 65% … Read more

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