Effort underway to rescue girls football team from Afghanistan

They move from place to place at a moment’s notice in a desperate bid to evade the Taliban — girls whose lives are in danger simply because they chose to play a sport they loved. An international effort to evacuate members of the Afghanistan national girls football team, along with dozens of family members and … Read more

‘Next 2-3 months are critical’: Islamabad fears rise in militant attacks along Afghan-Pakistan border

There is growing concern among Pakistani officials about security in neighbouring Afghanistan, as the Taliban tries to form a government and stabilise the country following the departure of US and other foreign forces. Islamabad is particularly worried about militant fighters from a separate, Pakistani Taliban group crossing from Afghanistan and launching lethal attacks on its … Read more

A journey through Kabul on the day of the fall

In the hours before the Taliban walked into Kabul, and the two-decade quest to build a democratic Afghanistan tumbled into fear and uncertainty, I left my parents’ home to take a bus around the city. This was not a reporting outing. It was personal. I had woken up that morning, Aug. 15, with a feeling … Read more

US military flies out evacuees in waning hours of withdrawal from Afghanistan

The US military flew more desperate evacuees out of the Afghan capital on Monday in the waning hours of a final American withdrawal as the Islamic State group’s Afghanistan affiliate claimed responsibility for targeting the Kabul airport with rockets. The US military reported no American casualties. The focus of the US evacuation was increasing on … Read more

Chinese foreign minister tells top US diplomat world must ‘positively guide’ Taliban

Washington should work with the international community to provide economic and humanitarian aid to Afghanistan, help the new regime run governmental functions normally, maintain social stability, and stop the currency from depreciating and the cost of living from rising, Wang said, according to a statement. “While respecting the sovereignty of Afghanistan, the US should take … Read more

Joe Biden attends grim homecoming for US troops killed in Afghanistan attack

Biden, his wife, Jill, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and senior military officials stood somberly as US troops carried the cases down the ramp of an Air Force C-17 aircraft at Dover Air Force Base. Crying could be heard and a woman collapsed as the remains were loaded into vans for transport to a facility where … Read more

US strikes at Islamic State militants in Kabul as Afghan withdrawal nears end

A US drone strike killed a suicide car bomber who Pentagon officials said was preparing to strike Kabul airport on Sunday, as American forces worked to complete a withdrawal that will end two decades of military involvement in Afghanistan. The strike was the second by the US military since an Islamic State suicide bomb outside … Read more

Final UK evacuation flight leaves Kabul; troops head home

Prime Minister Boris Johnson praised the “heroic” evacuation effort, even as the government acknowledged some eligible Afghan civilians had been left behind. The UK’s top military officer conceded that “we haven’t been able to bring everybody out.” The UK government said late on Saturday that about 1,000 troops who ran an airlift of British nationals … Read more

What we know about the 13 U.S. service members killed in Kabul attack

The Department of Defense on Saturday identified the 13 members of the U.S. military who were killed in the attack on the airport in Kabul, Afghanistan, on Thursday as they worked to evacuate people to safety. They hailed from across the country — from California to Wyoming to Tennessee — and had an average age … Read more

Kabul attack: among the US troops who died, two women on the frontline

One of the last photos that Marine Sgt. Nicole Gee shared with her family shows her in dusty body armor with a rifle, her long blond hair pulled back, her hands in tactical gloves. Amid the chaos of Kabul, those hands are carefully cradling a baby. It was a moment captured on the frontlines of … Read more