Japan’s Moderna vaccine contamination woes widen as regions put holds on more shots

Moderna Inc’s COVID-19 vaccine contamination woes in Japan widened after two regions put temporary holds on shots following the discovery of foreign substances in more batches. The disruption to Moderna supplies comes as Japan battles its worst wave of COVID-19 yet, driven by the contagious Delta variant, with new daily infections exceeding 25,000 this month … Read more

Japan’s Okinawa suspends Moderna shots after detecting contamination

Contaminants were found in Moderna Inc’s (MRNA.O) COVID-19 vaccines at a large-scale vaccination centre in Japan’s Okinawa prefecture, suspending inoculations, public broadcaster NHK reported on Sunday. The Okinawa vaccines are from different Moderna lots already suspended by the Japanese government due to reports of contamination, NHK said. Black substances were spotted in syringes and a … Read more

Two die in Japan after shots from suspended Moderna vaccines: Japan government

Two people died after receiving Moderna COVID-19 vaccine shots that were among lots later suspended following the discovery of contaminants, Japan’s health ministry said on Saturday. The men in their 30s died this month within days of receiving their second Moderna doses, the ministry said in a release. Each had a shot from one of … Read more

Moderna withholds 1.63 million Covid-19 vaccine doses in Japan due to contamination

Moderna Inc (MRNA.O) has withheld supply of about 1.63 million doses in Japan after it was notified of contamination of its COVID-19 vaccine vials with particulate matter, the U.S. vaccine maker said on Wednesday. The contamination, the company said, could be due to a manufacturing issue in one of the production lines at its contract … Read more

Japan to ramp up Covid-19 tests as it battles worst wave of infections

Japan plans to dramatically ramp up daily COVID-19 tests, borrowing from anti-contagion measures used in the recent Tokyo Olympics, as it battles its worst wave of infections, driven by the Delta variant. New infections exceeded 25,000 on Thursday for the first time, a tally by national broadcaster NHK showed, with the surge mainly among those … Read more