Haiti’s hunger crisis bites deeper after devastating earthquake

In a tent encampment in the mountains of southern Haiti, where hundreds of villagers sought shelter after a powerful earthquake flattened their homes this month, a single charred cob of corn was the only food in sight. “I’m hungry and my baby is hungry,” said Sofonie Samedy, gesturing to her pregnant stomach. Samedy had eaten … Read more

‘They are hungry’: Haiti quake survivors fear for children’s future

Many survivors of an earthquake that killed more than 2,200 people in southern Haiti are worried about providing for their children, with more than half a million minors feared to be at risk from the fallout. The August 14 quake hammered infrastructure, destroying or damaging some 130,000 homes, cutting off roads and pitching thousands of … Read more

In Haiti, need is overwhelming, but some politicians’ charity rings false

Hundreds of Haitian earthquake victims desperately lined up for hot meals delivered to a sweltering makeshift camp this past week, fighting over — and scooping from the muddy ground — rice and chicken that spilled from plastic food containers. The scarce containers bore a printed message: “Courtesy of Senator Franky Exius.” The 7.2-magnitude earthquake that … Read more

‘Everyone was crying’: Grieving Haitians bury their dead a week after quake

Families gathered in villages in southwestern Haiti this weekend for church and funeral services a week after an earthquake battered the region, killing more than 2,200 people and destroying tens of thousands of buildings. The collapse of churches in some of the worst-affected towns and villages of the impoverished Caribbean nation left residents to grieve … Read more

Donors send quake aid to Haiti, but for how long?

The urgent pleas for donations to help Haiti cope with last Saturday’s magnitude 7.2 quake began almost immediately. Charities reported an initial outpouring of generosity for a poor country that has long depended on philanthropic aid. But the longer-term outlook for securing the billions of dollars needed — not only to rebuild but also for … Read more

Haiti faces anger and despair a week after quake, fanning security fears

Tensions in Haiti were rising on Saturday over a lack of aid to remote areas hardest hit by last week’s devastating earthquake that killed more than 2,000 people in the impoverished Caribbean country. Many Haitians whose homes and livelihoods were destroyed by the magnitude 7.2 quake that struck on Aug. 14 said they were unsure … Read more

Haiti quake toll leaps to nearly 2,000 dead as rain pelts survivors

The death and injury tolls leapt by many hundreds Tuesday from the weekend earthquake in Haiti’s southern peninsula, as survivors soaked from Tropical Storm Grace struggled to keep safe in makeshift shelters. Haiti’s National Emergency Operations Center said that as of Tuesday evening the number of dead totaled at least 1,941, with 9,900 injured, compared … Read more

Haiti quake destroyed many churches, shredding a mainstay of support

The houses collapsed, the hospitals were damaged, the roads buckled or turned impassable. But it was the earthquake’s destruction of churches across Haiti’s southern peninsula that may prove the biggest gut punch to the roughly 1.5 million people affected. For many Haitians, their only source of aid throughout their lives, in the absence of strong … Read more

Storm brings floods as Haitians seek help at overloaded hospitals after quake

Doctors in Haiti on Monday battled in makeshift tents to save the lives of hundreds of injured people, including young children and the elderly, outside hospitals overwhelmed by an earthquake that killed at least 1,419 people. While rescue teams toiled to dig out survivors of Saturday’s 7.2 magnitude quake, a storm dumped heavy rain on … Read more

‘I’m the only surgeon’: after Haiti quake, thousands seek scarce care

With broken bones and open wounds, the injured jammed into damaged hospitals or headed to the airport, hoping for mercy flights out. A handful of doctors toiled all night in makeshift triage wards. A retired senator used his seven-seat propeller plane to ferry the most urgent patients to emergency care in the capital. A day … Read more