[Solved] Is diversity and pluralism in India under threat due to globalisation? Justify your answer(UPSC GS-1 Mains 2020)

India is a diverse country and India’s significance lies in its interesting society. Globalization is the way toward growing and speeding up the development of thoughts, individuals, capital, and trade of products (labor and products) over immense distances. India essentially affects Indian social variety in both positive and negative manners. The truth worried about the … Read more

[Solved] The process of desertification does not have climate boundaries. Justify with examples (UPSC 2020)

Wladimir Köppen developed the climate classification system to define climatic boundaries categorizing climate zones all over the world based on local vegetation which is dependent on temperature and precipitation there. What happens when there is no scope left for the process of vegetating? When human activities and climatic variations as a result of these activities … Read more

What is the diversity of Indian culture?

India is among the most religiously and ethnically varied countries on the planet, with a few of the most profoundly spiritual societies and civilizations. The diversity in India is exceptional. Being a huge country with large people. India presents infinite types of physical attributes and cultural patterns. Read about UPSC GS Paper 3 It’s the … Read more

What is the social pillar of sustainability?

Understanding the economic, social, and environmental pillars of sustainable growth. The social pillar refers to, in broad terms, people’s policies that support social issues. These societal problems relate to our wellbeing and include aspects including healthcare, education, home, they ensure that people do have access to social services, do not suffer through lack of knowledge … Read more

What is Zealandia ? all you need to know about the eighth continent?

Analysts from GNS Science in New Zealand have declared that they planned the shape and size of the Zealandia landmass in phenomenal detail. Background: Researchers affirmed the presence of an eighth landmass, called Zealandia, under New Zealand and the encompassing sea in 2017. Since 94% of Zealandia’s 2 million square miles are submerged, planning the … Read more