[Solved] Which steps are required for constitutionalisation of a commission? Do you think imparting constitutionality to the national commission for women would ensure greater gender justice and empowerment in India? Give reasons. (UPSC GS -2 Mains 2020)

constitutionalisation : When something is constitutionalized, it is made dependent upon the arrangements of a nation’s constitution. Some commission can settle on a choice to move toward the public authority for conceding it protected status. Generally, the interest, everywhere, is raised to constitutionalize a particular commission, and in this way, parliament passes a bill to … Read more

[Solved] Judicial Legislation is antithetical to the doctrine of separation of powers as envisaged in the Indian Constitution. In this context justify the filing of large number of public interest petitions praying for issuing guidelines to executive authorities. (UPSC GS -2 Mains 2020)

The tenet of separation of powers conceives explicit powers given to the legislature, executive and the judiciary. It infers negligible obstruction by one organ in the working of another organ. This doctrine is one of the basic structures of the constitution. Various constitutional provisions like Article 50, 121, and 211, etc. embody the spirit of … Read more

[Solved] Indian Constitution exhibits centralising tendencies to maintain unity and integrity (UPSC GS -2 Mains 2020)

The Indian Constitution grants for the division of powers among the Centre and the states. However, there are some provisions that exhibit centralizing tendencies. Hence, sometimes ours has been called a quasi-federal constitution with unitary bias Indian Constitution exhibits centralizing tendencies to maintain unity and integrity of the nation. In this regard, the perspective on … Read more


After postponing UPSC mains, and with due precautionary measures UPSC conducted mains examination. The Union Public Service Commission conducts recruitment tests for various categories of Group A and few Group B posts in the Indian government every year. The most prestigious and the most competitive exam conducted by the UPSC is the Civil Services Examination. The … Read more