[Solved] COVID-19 pandemic accelerated class inequalities and poverty in India. Comment. (UPSC GS-1 Mains 2020)

The COVID-19 pandemic has played an important role in highlighting growing inequalities. It exposed the myth that everyone is in the same boat. While we are all floating on the same sea, it’s clear that some are in superyachts, while others are clinging to the drifting debris. It is the ‘sharpest decline in per capita … Read more

[Solved] Account for the present location of iron and steel industries away from the source of raw material, by giving examples. (UPSC GS-1 Mains 2020)

There was a time when the steel industry was born alongside raw materials. For instance, for example, Bokaro, Durgapur near coalfields, and Bhadravati, Bhilai & Rourkela in the vicinity of iron ore sources. Now times have changed. Raw materials are not the most important or the only determining factor if supplies of iron ore and … Read more

[Solved]How will the melting of Himalayan glaciers have a far-reaching impact on the water resources of India? (UPSC 2020)

The seasonal flow of the Himalayan glaciers provides various water services to an estimated 800 million people for purposes such as irrigation, hydropower and drinking water. Glaciers are melting abnormally, eventually leading to water shortages. Overflow of rivers with increased flow. The melting of glaciers affects the amount of snowfall to some extent. The frequent … Read more

[GS Paper 1 2020] UPSC IAS Mains | IAS MAINS 2020 |

After postponing UPSC mains, and with due precautionary measures UPSC conducted mains examination. The Union Public Service Commission conducts recruitment tests for various categories of Group A and few Group B posts in the Indian government every year. The most prestigious and the most competitive exam conducted by the UPSC is the Civil Services Examination. The … Read more