Need for Probity in Governance and observations

Need for Probity in GovernanceIn a democracy, probity espouses the principles of equality before the law and respect for therights and duties of leaders towards their citizens. Conversely, probity is a societal expectationwhich citizens demand from decision-makers and all those who function as a part of the state’sapparatus. It is a shared belief that the … Read more

What is Probity ?: Definition and Overview

Probity originates from the latin word ‘probitas’, meaning good. Probity is confirmed integrity.It is usually regarded as being incorruptible. It is the quality of having strong moral principlesand strictly following them, such as honesty, uprightness, transparency and incorruptibility. Probity in Governance is concerned with the propriety and character of various organs of thegovernment as to … Read more

What do you mean by Ethics? How do you define it?

At its most uncomplicated, ethics is a system of moral principles. It is the investigative study of ‘What is theright thing to do?’ They affect how humans make decisions and lead their lives. The term ‘ethics’is derived from the Greek word ‘ethikos’ which can mean custom, habit, character, ordisposition. Ethics is a system of moral … Read more