[SOLVED ESSAY] Technology as the silent factor in international relations-UPSC

While new and emerging technologies are transforming employment opportunities, the future seems to be soft power, which involves harnessing economic and cultural influence that goes beyond international relations. The academic community seems to accept the growing importance of technology.  This means that technology has serious implications for hard power, the incorporation of military power into … Read more

[SOLVED ESSAY] Patriarchy is the least noticed yet the most significant structure of social inequality-UPSC

Some use it to describe a pattern derived from the family structure; for others it is an entire system of oppression based on misogyny, exploitation and brutalization of women. Part of the idea behind patriarchy is that the social structure of male supremacy is complex at the expense of women. At its simplest, it conveys … Read more

[SOLVED ESSAY] There Can Be No Social Justice Without Economic Prosperity But Economic Prosperity Without Social Justice Is Meaningless -UPSC

We live in close knit communities where people have some sort of professional relationship with one another. We choose to do business with certain types of people who have proven values, integrity and a good reputation. We feel a sense of belonging to this society, as we always try to abide by the rules and … Read more

[UPSC SOLVED ESSAY 2020] Culture Is What We Are, Civilization Is What We Have

Civilization is a sustainable socio-cultural formation that performs various functions. It is, in its natural and necessary extension, a civilization that enables the reproduction of cultural patterns and creates the conditions for the further creation and shaping and stabilization of social relations for future generations.  The term civilization emphasizes a systematic society in which different … Read more

[UPSC SOLVED ESSAY]Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Simplicity is not a bad design goal, but complexity is not necessarily a good one either. By understanding users “needs, development teams can prevent them from falling into the trap of assuming that complexity equals performance. If design teams understand what buyers want and how to avoid trade-offs, they can use this insight to their … Read more

[UPSC SOLVED ESSAY 2020]Ships Do Not Sink Because Of Water Around Them , Ships Sink Because Of Water That Gets Into Them

A ship is a sailing ship that sails through water. It is intended for a journey, no matter how big or how deep the ocean is. It makes it good for the journey because it experiences changes and difficulties while sailing across the ocean. It depends on the design and construction principles of the ship: … Read more

Life is a long Journey between human being and being humane (UPSC 2020)

Life is a Long Journey between human being and being human. From slavery to freedom, from ignorance to enlightenment and the whole story in between, Life magazine was there. And Life will always be there…for those who want to see Individuals or homo sapiens are the most exceptional and predominant animal present on earth. They … Read more

[UPSC SOLVED Essay] Life is a long journey between human being and being humane

Being a human being is not easy. It requires great self-restraint to avoid treating people as objects, and from there to avoid mistreating them or preventing them from developing. It requires courage to face the risks of being friends and partners with people in a world full of forces on every side arguing for separation … Read more

UPSC IAS Mains 2020: ESSAY Question Paper

After postponing UPSC mains, and with due precautionary measures UPSC conducted mains examination. The Union Public Service Commission conducts recruitment tests for various categories of Group A and few Group B posts in the Indian government every year. The most prestigious and the most competitive exam conducted by the UPSC is the Civil Services Examination. The … Read more