Biden says Ida, wildfires show ‘climate crisis’ has struck

President Joe Biden on Thursday pledged robust federal help for the Northeastern and Gulf states battered by Hurricane Ida and for Western states beset by wildfires, with the catastrophes serving as deadly reminders that the “climate crisis” has arrived. “These extreme storms, and the climate crisis, are here,” Biden said in a White House speech. … Read more

China warns US: strained relations could sink climate cooperation

China and the United States agree that climate change is a crisis whipping up worsening droughts and storms across the planet. Yet escalating tensions over trade, security and human rights threaten to overshadow efforts between the world’s top two greenhouse gas polluters to stop global temperatures from hitting catastrophic levels. The United States envoy for … Read more

Global sizzling: July is Earth’s hottest month on record

Earth sizzled in July and became the hottest month in 142 years of recordkeeping, U.S. weather officials announced. As extreme heat waves struck parts of the United States and Europe, the globe averaged 62.07 degrees (16.73 degrees Celsius) last month, beating out the previous record set in July 2016 and tied again in 2019 and … Read more

As China boomed, it didn’t take climate change into account. Now it must.

Written by: Steven Lee Myers, Keith Bradsher and Chris Buckley China’s breakneck growth over the last four decades erected soaring cities where there had been hamlets and farmland. The cities lured factories, and the factories lured workers. The boom lifted hundreds of millions of people out of the poverty and rural hardship they once faced. … Read more