Vietnam war victims wanted justice. They were given ‘30 bags of rice.’

The South Korean marine unit had a reputation for leaving nothing breathing behind when they passed through hostile territory, not even a pig suckling its litter. After the unit swept through Phong Nhi and Phong Nhut, villages in central Vietnam, on Feb. 12, 1968, scores of bodies were found, all unarmed civilians, most of them … Read more

Timeline: US and NATO involvement in Afghanistan

A timeline of events in Afghanistan contextualizing US and NATO involvement in the country: 1979-89: occupying Soviet forces battle loosely allied US-backed resistance fighters, many of whom seek competing fates for Afghanistan when the Soviet withdrawal occurs, giving way to civil war. 1989-1996: Afghan warlords’ brutal struggle with one another destroys the capital, Kabul, with the Taliban … Read more

As Fears Grip Afghanistan, Hundreds of Thousands Flee

Written by Christina Goldbaum and Fatima Faizi Haji Sakhi decided to flee Afghanistan the night he saw two Taliban members drag a young woman from her home and lash her on the sidewalk. Terrified for his three daughters, he crammed his family into a car the next morning and barrelled down winding dirt roads into … Read more

Taliban rockets hit Kandahar airport, clashes intensify in Afghanistan

Taliban fighters struck Kandahar airport in southern Afghanistan with at least three rockets overnight, the insurgent group’s spokesman said on Sunday, adding that the aim was to thwart air strikes conducted by Afghan government forces. “Kandahar airport was targeted by us because the enemy were using it as a centre to conduct air strikes against … Read more