Taliban claim control of Panjshir as evacuation flights await clearance

The Taliban claimed victory on Monday over opposition forces in the Panjshir valley northeast of Kabul, completing their takeover of the country following the stunning capture of Kabul last month and the chaotic withdrawal of foreign troops. Pictures on social media showed Taliban members standing in front of the gate of the Panjshir provincial governor’s … Read more

Kabul airport reopens to receive aid, domestic flights restart

Ariana Afghan Airlines resumed some flights in Afghanistan between Kabul and three major provincial cities on Saturday, the carrier said, after a technical team from Qatar reopened the capital’s airport for aid and domestic services. Flights between Kabul and the western city of Herat, Mazar-i Sharif in northern Afghanistan and Kandahar in the south have … Read more

Inside the Afghan evacuation: Rogue flights, crowded tents, hope and chaos

Written by Michael D. Shear, Lara Jakes and Eileen Sullivan On the last day of August, when President Joe Biden called the airlift of refugees from Kabul an “extraordinary success,” senior diplomats and military officers in Doha, Qatar, emailed out a daily situation report marked “sensitive but unclassified.” The conditions in Doha, according to their … Read more

With no evacuation flights, Afghans weigh risky overland trips to borders

As the last U.S. troops prepared to leave Afghanistan, Hussain, a U.S. passport holder who worked with the U.S. military, scrambled with his six daughters through Taliban checkpoints to the gates of Kabul airport for several days in a row, hoping to catch a flight to safety. He had called and emailed the U.S. Embassy … Read more

Afghan woman gives birth mid-air on evacuation flight to UK

Turkish media says an evacuation flight from Afghanistan has landed in the UK with an extra passenger – after cabin crew delivered a baby girl mid-air. When the traditional cry of “Is there a doctor on the flight?” went unanswered on Saturday, Turkish Airlines staff helped 26-year-old Afghan Soman Noori give birth at 30,000 feet, … Read more

Trying to flee Kabul: ‘We had no information at all’

I got married in Mazar-i-Sharif in northern Afghanistan. We wanted to fly out earlier, but all flights were canceled. I registered with ELEFAND, which is the German Foreign Ministry’s online portal for German citizens in crisis areas, and I got an answer early last week telling us to head to Kabul airport. We left Mazar-i-Sharif … Read more

Evacuations from Afghanistan by country

The United States and allies are hurrying to evacuate as many people from Afghanistan as possible before an Aug. 31 deadline amid deteriorating security. The United States and partners have evacuated about 111,000 people since Aug. 14, the day before the Taliban entered Kabul, the White House said on Friday. Here are some more details … Read more

Approximately 111,000 people evacuated from Afghanistan, says Pentagon

Nearly 111,000 people have been evacuated from Afghanistan since the start of evacuation operations on August 14, the Pentagon said on Friday. The Taliban took control of Afghanistan on August 15. Their sudden victory, which comes as the US withdraws from the country following a 20-year-war, has sparked chaos at Kabul’s airport, from where America … Read more

They were protectors in Afghanistan. Now they need help.

The suicide bomber driving a sedan packed with explosives struck in the early hours of the morning, as the minibus crawled through Kabul’s traffic. A piece of shrapnel pierced Amrit Rokaya Chhetri’s left ear. He was lucky. Nine of his fellow security workers, hired by a contractor to protect Canada’s Embassy in Afghanistan, were killed … Read more

Explained: Afghan refugee gives birth on flight, what will her baby’s nationality be?

An Afghan woman aboard a US evacuation flight gave birth to her child in the aircraft, after it landed at the Ramstein Air Base in Germany on August 21. Medical support personnel helped the woman deliver the baby in the cargo bay of the C-17 craft. Air Mobility Command said through their Twitter account, “During … Read more