Is the fall of Kabul the kick European defense needs?

“Afghanistan has shown that the deficiencies in our strategic autonomy comes with a price,” European Union foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said after an informal meeting of defense ministers on Thursday. “And that the only way forward is to combine our forces and strengthen not only our capacity, but also our will to act.” A … Read more

Taliban set to name Haibatullah Akhundzada as supreme leader, map out their government

The Taliban are preparing to set out their new Islamic government imminently, naming Haibatullah Akhundzada, the insurgency’s top religious leader, as the country’s supreme authority, according to a Taliban official. Although the group recently seized final control of the country, the Taliban have spent more than a decade preparing to take power by steadily expanding … Read more

‘Next 2-3 months are critical’: Islamabad fears rise in militant attacks along Afghan-Pakistan border

There is growing concern among Pakistani officials about security in neighbouring Afghanistan, as the Taliban tries to form a government and stabilise the country following the departure of US and other foreign forces. Islamabad is particularly worried about militant fighters from a separate, Pakistani Taliban group crossing from Afghanistan and launching lethal attacks on its … Read more

A journey through Kabul on the day of the fall

In the hours before the Taliban walked into Kabul, and the two-decade quest to build a democratic Afghanistan tumbled into fear and uncertainty, I left my parents’ home to take a bus around the city. This was not a reporting outing. It was personal. I had woken up that morning, Aug. 15, with a feeling … Read more

Joe Biden told another Kabul terror attack ‘likely’, next few days will be’ most dangerous’

The national security team of President Joe Biden on Friday told him that another terror attack is “likely” in Kabul and that the next few days of this mission will be the “most dangerous” period to date, according to a White House official. This was shared with the President when he met in the Situation … Read more

Evacuation flights resume in Kabul after deadly bombings

Evacuation flights from Afghanistan resumed with new urgency on Friday, a day after two suicide bombings targeted the thousands of desperate people fleeing the Taliban takeover. The U.S. says further attempted attacks are expected ahead of the Tuesday deadline for foreign troops to leave, ending America’s longest war. Kabul residents said several flights took off … Read more

Military ramps up evacuations from Kabul, but bottlenecks persist

With the Aug. 31 deadline for a U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan rapidly approaching, the Pentagon has sharply ramped up the speed of evacuations from the Kabul airport, flying out 21,600 people in 24 hours, Defense Department officials said Tuesday. But bottlenecks in the system, and President Joe Biden’s insistence that all troops leave the country … Read more

How many people in Afghanistan need to be rescued? The number remains elusive

More than 70,700 people had been evacuated from Afghanistan as of Tuesday evening. Nearly 6,000 U.S. troops are protecting the international airport in Kabul, the capital. And additional U.S. flights are leaving every 45 minutes. The Biden administration has provided a stream of updates about its airlift of Americans, Afghans and others since Aug. 14, … Read more

Under Taliban rule, life in Kabul transforms once again

The Americans are all but gone, the Afghan government has collapsed, and the Taliban rule the streets of Kabul now. Overnight, millions of Kabul residents have been left to navigate an uncertain transition after 20 years of U.S.-backed rule. On Tuesday, nine days after the Taliban walked back into power, government services were still largely … Read more

Over 260 Afghan Sikhs in Kabul Gurdwara need help in evacuation, says US Sikh body

Over 260 Sikhs have taken shelter at Gurdwara Karte Parwan in Kabul and need help in their evacuation, a US Sikh body said Sunday. “There are more than 260 Afghan citizens left at Gurudwara Karte Parwan in Kabul, including women and over 50 children. This includes three newborns with one born yesterday,” United Sikhs said … Read more