Sri Lanka captain Dasun Shanaka urges for throw down coach like India’s ‘Bawwa’- The New Indian Express


COLOMBO:  Ahead of Thursday’s first ODI against South Africa, Sri Lankan white ball cricket captain Dasun Shanaka has made a special request to provide some ‘throw down’ coaches to the young team, just like Sri Lankan ‘Bawwa’ in the Indian team.

Dasun has made this special request from the cricket management to provide two throw down specialists – left arm and right arm to train the youngsters to get ready to face the South African bowlers.

“We have only three bowlers who deliver over 140 kmph. Since we cannot bring the bowlers from outside I requested for throw down specialists,” Dasun said ahead of the match.

Nicknamed ‘Bawwa’, Nuwan Sevenviratne, former Sri Lankan first class cricketer and was part of the Sri Lankan coaching staff throws the ball at a speed around 175 kmph. He joined the Indian team as a throw down coach in 2018.

“Bawwa is being used by India because of his pace and bounce which is very important when they play abroad,” said Dasun adding that the young team could be immensely benefited by a person of that calibre.

“We need a team who give throw downs continuously throughout the practice session. This is important for a young team to develop their skill. If the young players can get a training like that during their first one and two years that experience could be used throughout their career whether it would be five years or ten years,” Dasun said.

The Sri Lankan captain said that his request is being worked out but delayed due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

During the last month’s second test against England at the Lords, in which India won by 151 runs, former Indian cricketer Dinesh Karthik during a commentary hailed Nuwan’s contribution to the Indian team as part of support staff. Karthik has said that Nuwan was very fast and strong and great addition to the Indian coaching set up.

Well-known for his left hand throw downs in the nets with maximum speed to around 175 kmph, Nuwan was recruited to Indian team in 2018 after he was sent out from Sri Lanka due to complaints by players that he was too fast.

Asantha de Mel, former chairman of the National Selection Committee of Sri Lanka Cricket at an interview, complained that some Sri Lanka players who did not want to face speedy throws of Nuwan got rid of him by complaining to the management. “It was a great loss but India picked him and getting benefited now,” Mel said.

According to media reports, getting Nuwan joined to India was an idea by captain Virat Kohli ahead of India’s series against Australia in 2018. Kohli who thought that Mitchell Starc was going to be a problem had urged to recruit Nuwan and got his team trained for his throw downs.

Starting from Thursday Sri Lanka will play three ODIs and three T20Is against South Africa in Colombo.

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