[UPSC SOLVED ESSAY]Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Simplicity is not a bad design goal, but complexity is not necessarily a good one either. By understanding users “needs, development teams can prevent them from falling into the trap of assuming that complexity equals performance. If design teams understand what buyers want and how to avoid trade-offs, they can use this insight to their advantage. The trick is to clearly communicate to your customers what they are buying. This prevents users from worrying about the trade-off and gives people the confidence that they are choosing the right product. 

Simplicity recommends dealing with one aspect at a time. We can assign many dimensions to a problem without making it too big. Each of these dimensions can have different and confusing aspects. Simplicity combines the uncomplicated with the invented things, and they bring things together and prevent the creation of unessential, modified and multifaceted parts, as well as unproductive goals that entail complications. 

If you believe that the ultimate sophistication is to be found in simplicity, you should look for it and you will reap the rewards. If you think a special investment is needed to make you feel special, keep searching and pay for the privilege. 

Living a simple life requires effort, but it is the only hope of clarity, happiness and refinement. It is well known that writing a short letter or presenting a short presentation takes more time than simple things. In the end, it all comes down to clarity. In order to make yourself and your desires clear, you have to become a master of simplicity. There is plenty of advice on how to keep things simple, from the famous “Kissing Method” to “Keep it Simple or Stupid” (used by the US Navy in the 1960 “s), but most systems work better when kept simple and not complicated. 

Materialism extracts the weaknesses, while simplicity produces the strengths and great values. Materialism complicates something in its worst qualities. On the other hand, simplicity consists of the opposite of materialism. The total realization that the true treasures of life come into contact with the good and the uncomplicated, make things uncomplicated, are a non-materialistic entity, and all the other attributes that we associate with simplicity have one thing in common. 

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A common theme in the show is that when you tackle one of the best Fundamental time domains, you get a sense of domain mastery and get to a point where simplicity in its definition is easy to achieve. With simplicity you can create beauty in your life, and that comes from how you interact with yourself and the world. 

You can also write this essay on the temporal or using PESTAL (political , economical, technological, Administrative and legal ) format. This essay is just an attempt to give a broad idea about the topic.

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