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Research on ‘Impact of Joint Families in Fight Against COVID’: PM to Universities

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has urged universities across the country to research the impact of emotional bondings in the fight against COVID-19. Modi said this while answering a question raised by students on the impact of COVID-19-led lockdown on the lives of students. He said while the pandemic has made the world practice social distancing it has also bought families close emotionally.

COVID has shown us the strength of a joint family and what is its role in shaping the life of a student. Students pursuing social sciences should pursue research on COVID era family lives and how joint families have strengthened the society during these difficult times, said Modi during the virtual edition of Pariksha Pe Charcha.

“Ayurvedic Kadha, healthy food, immunity, cleanliness have been bought to light during the pandemic. People have followed several unique ways to implement these things. If we would have been following these practices from earlier, the impact of the pandemic might have had been lesser,”  said Modi.

Modi said that his perspective on COVID is that students are facing consequences of a mistake they have not even committed. He said, “loss of a year at such a tender age is like a void in the foundation of a tall building”.

“My perspective on COVID is that you have to face consequences of a mistake which you have not committed. This is a lesson for life that sometimes life throws unimaginable challenges at us. I believe that the loss faced by students and youth of the country is a huge loss. Loss of an entire year at a young age is like a void in the foundation of a tall building,” said Modi while replying to a question raised by a student asking his take on the impact of a one-year-long school and college shutdown.

He asked students to take this event as a lesson. COVID has made us realize the importance of smaller things in our lives including physical classes, playing with friends which we often take for the guarantee, said Modi. He asked students to remember that it is the simple things that are essential to living a happy life.

“COVID-19 has made us realize the importance of smaller things in the lives. The things we had taken for granted. This will be a lifelong lesson,” said Modi.

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