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With heat and humidity, my skin tends to get dry and itchy. The toners that had been helping till now, suddenly stopped performing well. This summer I found one that cooled my skin, helping heat rashes to subside. It is the Refresh Botanicals toner with cucumber and cornflower, both known to balance the skin’s pH.

The product is free of parabens, gluten, petroleum and animal by-products. Because it does not contain artificial fragrances, it is suited for sensitive skin. The toner works well in reducing small pores but only if used consistently. This product helps reduce pigmentation caused by the sun. 

I complemented the toner with the Night Restore Complex night cream. I picked it primarily for the hyaluronic acid in it. This gel-like substance helps lock moisture. Our skin produces it naturally too but for those with dry skin like me, the extra boost helps.

After using the product for four weeks, I noticed an improvement in the skin’s elasticity. It was less crinkled and was suppler. On the downside, the product’s claims of diminishing fine lines in just two hours are a stretch. Also, the product declares to be good for all skin types but I saw better results in dry and normal skin type. 

Refresh Botanicals Facial Toner Price: Rs 1,599

Refresh Botanicals Night Restore Complex  Price: Rs 1,599

Availability:; select online and offline stores
Ayesha Singh

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