Indian Current Economic Scenario and Growth Potential

Current Indian Economic Scenario and Growth Potential is picking momentum on the back of improved output of8 core sector industries – coal, crude oil, refining, steel, cement, natural gas,fertilizers and electricity. Some of the important economic developments in thecountry are as follows: ● Indian companies have been signing much private equity (PE) deals, registeringa substantial … Read more

Future of Manufacturing Sector Post-Lockdown

Early in Posting, The government has taken measures to ease prohibitions for the manufacturing sector to resume operations. This may encourage companies to re-start operations. Issues of manufacturing sector amid Lockdown:Asia’s 3 largest economies are germinating a huge hit from the ongoing nationwide lockdown, which started on March 25, and its gross domestic product is … Read more

What is Payments Infrastructure Development Fund (PIDF)?

All we need to know about the Payments Infrastructure Development Fund (PIDF)? : Objective: This fund has been created to encourage acquirers to deploy point of sale (PoS) infrastructure, both physical and digital, in tier-3 to tier-6 centers and northeastern states. Contributions to the fund: The RBI has made an initial contribution of Rs 250 … Read more

Sociological perspective on Impacts of COVID-19 on Society

COVID-19-induced restrictions have brought unexpected transformations to human societies and social patterns. Some define the obtaining social phenomena as “the new normal”, a historical era marked by social restrictions. In the face of uncertainty, human populations have become keenly aware of the need to religiously follow preventative and protective health guidelines. As such, face masks, … Read more

Modernity and social changes in Europe and the emergence of sociology

Sociology: Modernity and social changes in Europe and the rise of sociology o The development of sociology as a logical control can be followed to the French and the Mechanical upheaval. Both these upsets prompted huge socio, monetary and political changes in Europe. o This period is otherwise called the edification time frame since it … Read more

The Power Within Us: How do we deal with it?

The Power Within Us: Have you ever noticed that this world was made to complete perfection?There is a reason and use for every single thing that you can see, taste, touch,hear, and feel on this planet. Everything works and fits together in perfectharmony. From the functions and shapes of our bodies to the little crittersrunning … Read more

What do you mean by Ethics? How do you define it?

At its most uncomplicated, ethics is a system of moral principles. It is the investigative study of ‘What is theright thing to do?’ They affect how humans make decisions and lead their lives. The term ‘ethics’is derived from the Greek word ‘ethikos’ which can mean custom, habit, character, ordisposition. Ethics is a system of moral … Read more

Salient features of the Indian Economy latest

Indian economy is one of the most agile growing economies in the world. There are manyfeatures that are inherent to the economy. The combination of all the features enablesdevelopment economists to classify the Indian economy as a developing one. Some salient features of the Indian economy are as follows Some salient features of the Indian … Read more

UPSC ART & CULTURE :Rock cut architecture – Badami, Barabar, Chaitra, Vihar

Rock-Cut Architecture of Ancient India. The exercise of making a structure by cutting it out of the regular stone is known as Rock-cut design. In this, the stone that isn’t a segment of the structure is expelled until the ideal structure is acquired. Contrasted with some other type of rock structure on the planet, Indian … Read more

What are the Amendments to the Essential Commodities Act?

Basic Commodities Act fundamentals like grains, beats, oilseeds, palatable oils, onion, and potatoes have been avoided from this Essential Commodities Act. This will wipe out feelings of trepidation of private financial specialists of superfluous administrative impedance in their business activities. The freedom to deliver, hold, move, disseminate, and flexibly will prompt the outfitting economies of … Read more