[ORUNODOI]: Assam to launch a mega scheme for Women Financial Empowerment

On August 17, 2020, the Assam Government is to identify beneficiaries of a new scheme called “ORUNODOI”. The scheme is being launched to help in women’s financial empowerment.

Under the new scheme, district-wise selection of beneficiaries would begin from August 17 and the beneficiaries would start receiving the amount in the bank account of a female family member on the first day of every month, starting from October

The ORUNODOI will be the biggest scheme in Assam that will benefit more than 17 lakh families. The scheme aims to empower women while boosting economic development. The State Government of Assam has allocated Rs 280 crores for the new scheme. Under the scheme, Rs 830 per month is to be provided to poor households. This is in addition to an annual income of Rs 10,000 that will be provided. This will help to meet their nutritional, medical and academic needs also to will aid in meeting their additional spending during festivals.

The scheme will give priority to households that are run by divorced women, widows, separated women and unmarried women. The only condition is that their composite income should be less than Rs 2 lakhs per annum.

Assam Government
The Assam Government has introduced several policies and schemes recently to improve economic development in the state. This includes Biotechnology Policy, Industrial and Investment Policy, Handloom Policy, Sugar Policy, Tourism Policy and Start Up Policy.

Biotechnology Policy
This is to be implemented between 2018-22. Assam is one of the biodiversity hot spot and biotechnology industrial development is yet to take place in the state. Therefore, Biotechnology Policy has greater significance. The policy is to focus on tissue culture, medicinal plant processing, microbial based bio fertilizer production, vermi compost production, mushroom production, etc.

Handloom Policy
The Handloom sector in the state provides employment to a large number of people in rural areas. The third Handloom Census conducted by the National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER) indicated that the total weaver households in the country are declining. GoI has taken several measures to boost the handloom sector in Assam. The Muga silk of Assam was the 38th product to receive the GI tag. The Handloom Policy is to stay effective between 2017 and 2022.

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