JEE Main 2021 Exam New Dates Updates: The registration process begins for April/May sessions

NTA JEE Main 2021 Exam New Dates Updates: The registration process begins for April/May sessions

NTA JEE Main 2021 exam date news update: The Ministry of Education has announced the exam date for the 2021 JEE Main course (April and May). The April course will be held from July 20-25, JEE Main (May) will start from July 27 to August 2

It is undeniable that the COVID-19 pandemic has severely affected the country’s education system. The pandemic has forced the authorities to cancel a number of higher education exams and entrance exams for many professional courses, including JEE masters such as engineering and medicine. 2021 and NEET 2021.

 It should be noted that thousands of students across the country are waiting for the announcement of the registration date for the NTA NEET 2021 entrance exam. The NEET 2021 entrance exam will be held on August 1. If NTA wants to take the NEET 2021 entrance exam on August 1, it is expected that the application form will be posted on the NTA official website soon:

The source said , The NEET 2021 entrance exam application form will be released this week, but NTA has not yet issued any official announcement on this. Once NTA can announce the NEET 2021 entrance exam date at any time in the near future, students can familiarize themselves with the NTA NEET 2021 registration website to avoid any problems when filling out the application form.

The JEE major engineering entrance exams in February and March 2021 will be held, while the April and May exams have been postponed. A source from the National Testing Agency (NTA) said that the remaining two sessions of JEE Main 2021 can be held in July and August.

 You may remember that at How submit application, required documents, because The country’s coronavirus epidemic situation, the 2021 CBSE 12-level board examination was cancelled.

CBSE has now selected a different scoring system to determine the results of the CBSE 12-level committee examination in 2021. It is understood that CBSE will announce the results of Class 12 on July 31.

For candidates who cannot apply for the exam in advance, the registration window has been reopened. Candidates can apply at Those who wish to attend the April meeting can do so from tonight (July 6) to July 8.

Registration for the main JEE conference (May) will be open from July 9th to 12th. Candidates can also change their test center. According to information shared by NTA, a total of 680,000 candidates have registered for the April 2021 JEE Main. 6.09 Candidates have registered for the May meeting.

With the reopening of the application window for the April and May conferences, the registration number continues to increase. JEE Main 2021 (February): The first session of JEE Main 2021 was held from February 23 to 26. A total of 661,000 (6.1776) candidates registered for the February session of this year. In the February course, a total of 6 students scored in the 100th percentile.

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