[Solved] Mob violence is emerging as a serious law and order problem in India. By giving suitable examples, analyze the causes and consequences of such violence. ( UPSC GS-3 Mains 2017)

[Solved] Mob violence is emerging as a serious law and order problem in India. By giving suitable examples, analyze the causes and consequences of such violence. ( UPSC GS-3 Mains 2017)

Mob violence is the verdict of the crowd by subverting the legal procedures and institutions and inciting violence.

Causes of Mob violence:

 • Mob violence, including looting, typically ignites with little planning. Many who join are young people attracted to excitement and the lure of defying authority.

 • Typically, a small percentage of hardened criminal characters do have an important role in instigating the unbridled lawlessness and setting the vicious tone of its chaos.

 • Organizational support:

 – Mobs feel empowered as they also know that they enjoy impunity and patronage from the power.

 – Some organizations encourage youth for their gains and instigate violence

 • Social media effect:

 – Social media and sometimes just rumors and false news spread like wildfire and mobs believe it and take action.

 • Lack of belief in the system:

 – Perpetrators of vigilantism do not have faith that the criminal justice system will effectively punish the alleged criminals. They often tend to see the police as unresponsive or corrupt.

 – Vigilantes also do not believe that they will be held accountable for taking the law into their own hands when they assault or murder people

 • Unemployment:

 – Rising unemployment of the youth and dissatisfaction with the system frustrates youth sorule of sentiments taking over the rule of law.

 • Excessive religious influence:


 • Minorities:

 – Mob violence has threatened not just the Muslim community but also other minorities.

 – Incidents involving churches and priests accused of converting Hindus to Christianity continue.

 • Mobilizes people fighting against mob violence as well for instance recently in India a protest named ‘Not in My Name’ was launched against the recent incidents of mob killings.

 • There is avery strong possibility that such vigilantes would inevitable become criminal themselves, because they have committed murder and have done something worse than that, rationalized the murder.

 •  If religious differences become a norm for hate crimes, the culture of democracy is destroyed.

 • Society turning fascist is a deeper moral crisis than the coming of a fascist state.

 • Loss of life and property. In 2016, seven members of a Dalit family were attacked by cow vigilantes in Gujarat.

 • Religious polarization further takes place

 • Loss of trust in government institutions.

 Therefor improving policing at a local level and holding vigila

 Causes of such Mob Violence

  • Sense of impunity: the perpetrators believe to get away with such action especially since police turns mere spectator as in the case of mob violence during Jat reservation stir.
  • Rumours and Fake News: spread through social media as in the case of rumours of Child abductors in North East led to violence against many outsiders.
  • Rise of cow vigilante: with the silent support from right-wing political class.
  • Judicial Pendency: leads to development of sense among the public that criminals would go unpunished and hence they support ‘instant justice’ by the mob.
  • Rising Intolerance among some groups.
  • Lack of scientific temper: as was visible in violence by supporters of Ram Rahim.
  • Consequences of increasing Mob Violence
  • It leads to the breakdown of law and order and respect for the criminal justice system.
  • Raises feelings of insecurity among some groups, especially the minorities.
  • Reputation of the country in view of world countries will diminish.
  • It would divide Indian society along communal lines and threaten the unity and integrity of the nation.
  • States such as Manipur and Rajasthan have taken a lead by making special law for ending the menace of mob violence.
  • Political class should condemn such attacks unequivocally.
  • States should implement Supreme Court guidelines to end mob lynching such as:
  • designate a senior police officer in each district as nodal officer for taking measures to prevent incidents of mob violence and lynching.
  • governments shall immediately identify districts, sub-divisions and villages where instances of lynching and mob violence have been reported in the recent past.
  • Curb and stop the dissemination of irresponsible and explosive messages, videos and other material.
  • Mob lynching unleashes a climate of fear and hatred which has no place in the composite culture of India. A social revolution is needed to re-establish the respect for law and order as well as love for our brethren.
  • Mob-lynchings and violence have become a new normal in India especially in the wake of a silent political class who has chosen to either turn a blind eye or render mere lip-service condemning such attacks. This has hollowed the primary role of the government gradually. The number of incidents has shown a marked rise since last year.

 Causes and Effects:

  • Cow vigilantism: The mob-lynching due to cow slaughter has seen a recent high. The reason for the increase in a number of these incidents is the laxity shown by the government to criminalise the same. This has further reinforced the communal prejudice against the minority community which is already at the receiving end. Also, there is no stringent award of punishment which has given way to the perception of being acceptable to the government. Thus, normalisation of such barbaric acts on the pretext of religious ideologies is an expression of an incomplete democracy.
  • Demanding Quota: There is also a spate of protests and mobs turning violent to burn public and private property to bring the government to knees and accept the demands of reservation put forth. The pathology of these lies in the hollowness of political promises made by the elected representatives to attract votes. The masses who stand up to protest feel belied and deceived. They resort to violence as silent protests go unheard. In addition, the drag in the legal implementation of various laws to bring these people to task is a weak deterrent.
  • Violence on Ram Rahim verdict: This was another particular example of holding 3 states to ransom by a huge mass of people in protest of the conviction of their Guru, under latent impunity and patronage of the ruling government. There was extreme indifference shown by the ruling government by allowing such huge number of people to gather at one place.
  • Mob violence is now becoming the serious problem in the country, mob violence is with one or other pretext mob (group of people) belongs to a particular section will take law into their hands, punish the culprit/ accused without any prosecution. Sometimes it may lead to rape, damage of property, lynching, killing. Recently in the country mainly on the name of gorakshak some anti social elements are killing the people. For example lynching of akhlaq and his family by a mob in UP in the name of preserving the beef in his premise. Even in Una, a village in Gujarat, where dalits were attacked by the mob because they were seen along with a cow dead body.

 Causes of such violence :

  • No fear among the people, because our investigative judiciary process are slow more over conviction rate is low 2. Intolerance is raising among some groups
  • Resposible persons at higher level are morally supporting them, this is encouraging them to do futher actions.
  • Strong communal sentiments
  • Lack of awareness about the rights , sentiments of other section.
  • Law and order maintainance and intellegence sysstem failure

 Consequence :

 The consequences are very severe, the victims lost their lives, property moreover if they did not get justice they lost faith over this system, which in turn have its own further consequences. Raising insecurity feeling among some sections. Sometimes leads to law and order problem, turned into riots. Reputation of the country in view of world countries will diminish. These divisive forces will divide the society on communal lines which is a threat unity and integrity of the nation. If encourage such incidents a law less society will build. Snatching away the rights of other individuals will threaten the spirit of democracy and individual dignity.

 Thus, all incidents are witness to state indifference and majoritarian denial of reality which breeds discontent and hatred against others. All such happenings are thus an absolute failure of government machinery and ineffectiveness of law and order thus reinforcing the belief that fanaticism is above law.

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