[ESSAY SOLVED]Mindful manifesto is the catalyst to a tranquil self (UPSC 2020)

Mindful manifesto is the catalyst to a tranquil self

Candidates should have an interest in philosophy and spirituality and be able to write an essay. In order to deepen the concept of self-awareness, the candidate should give an example of how a person who has a calm self is unfazed by adversity and continues to make the world a better place. The candidate should address the connection between the quiet self and the need to live a life of denial.

Mindful manifesto is the catalyst to a tranquil self-discipline. It is the blueprint for achieving happiness and fulfillment.The quality of tranquil shows that the person enjoys freedom from disturbances, however they may be. The development of disturbances is either internal or external. His greatness stands for the ongoing journey to embody the eminence and distinction of the self.

It instructs a person to carry out, explain and accept the consequences of his or her actions. We call it a conscious manifesto, analogous to a public declaration of beliefs, objectives, political issues or the election of a political party or candidate. A person determines which of his or her beliefs he or she believes to be true and uses them with the aim of pursuing a particular path that aims to achieve his or her course and outcome, regardless of the odds. This leads to a conscious and conscious expression of individuality.

Zen Master Osho believed that observing and moving our attention is one of the things we can do to raise our state of self-awareness so that it turns into a form of mindfulness. By observing every second that passes, we reach a certain calm state. At the moment, I do not know what time it is, but it is good that we take time for the gifts that surround us.

The Buddha taught that the path of concentration is the first step in attaining that state of mind. At that point, the mind is like a flower growing under the water. That flower becomes the fruit of concentration.

As soon as the mind becomes calm, it becomes a pillar of wisdom. At this level, the mind becomes the ocean that holds the path to happiness. In the same way, the mind is like a tree which can grow only in the clear direction. It grows only along the way. The path of concentration becomes the path of the tree. It cannot be grown anywhere else than in the path of the tree.

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Once the mind becomes tranquil, not one of its branches will grow, even the highest pinnacle of the tree. The mind is tranquil. The path of concentration is the path of the tree. It cannot be grown anywhere else than in the path of the tree. This is why the Noble Eightfold Path has been called the Noble Way. To be meditators, to be able to follow it, is the beginning of happiness, not realizing it. This is the path, the great path, the path of the Buddha.

Vinaya-dhana can change in and through time. There can be a change of direction.If one is to reach meditative perfection, then there can be another beginning to attain that state of mind. And then there can be a change of direction of the direction of concentration.

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In the same way, to become a monk, the Noble Eightfold Path has been called the Way of the Noble Eightfold Master, but it may be called the Way of the Pure Land. So when an individual is to achieve the Noble Eightfold Path, a Buddha must be said to be at the center of the entire process. It is said that the path of concentration cannot change. This is the end of the beginning of an end. This is the end.

According to Purser and Loy, mindfulness should not be used as a means to awaken insights into the malign roots of greed, malevolence, and delusions , but to reshape mundane therapeutic and self-help techniques that have the opposite effect and amplify the root causes.

According to Thomas William Rhys David’s doctrine, mindfulness is more important than the four noble truths and the noble eightfold path. David regards the teachings of Gotama as a rational technique for self-realization and rejects only a few parts of its doctrine of rebirth and remaining superstition.

Mindfulness( mindful manifesto) has been shown to improve employee well-being, to reduce frustration, absenteeism and burnout, and to improve the overall working environment. Mindfulness has also been taught in prisons to reduce inmate hostility and mood disorders and improve self-esteem.

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