[Anti Car Theft Technique] MicroDot Technology

A microdot is an image considerably decreased in size to reduce detection by unintended recipients. Microdots are typically round and round a single millimeter in diameter but may be made into various shapes and sizes and made from several materials like metal or polyester.

The title stems from the simple fact that the microdots have been about the size and form of a typographical dot, like a span or so the title of a lowercase I or j. Microdots are, basically, a steganographic method to message security.

The draft principles Change the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989 and let motor vehicles and their components to be affixed with permanent and almost invisible microdots which may be read physically using a microscope and recognized with ultraviolet lighting.

Microdots are a worldwide proven technology to guarantee creativity in spare parts of components and machines, such as in the Automation sector.

The microdot technology entails spraying tens of thousands of microscopic dots on vehicles or other resources to form an exceptional identification.
Every microdot conveys this identification that’s filed to the owner but isn’t observable to the naked eye.

South Africa has made it a legal requirement to get microdots fitted to new vehicles offered because of September 2012.The move is aimed at creating India free of automobile thefts and spurious spare components.

The government has envisaged that using microdots becoming a permanent feature in automobiles, differentiating them would eventually become simpler if they’re stolen.
Annually about 2.14 lakh vehicles have been stolen throughout the nation with Delhi topping the record at 38,644 at 2016, which translates into over 100 vehicles each day, followed by UP (34,480) and Maharashtra (22,435).

The transfer will ensure that customers have a method of identifying original components from fake ones which leads to general security too.

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