Meet People Who Left Cushiony Jobs to Teach Kids

Post pandemic most of the teachers were forced to take up online mode of teaching-learning, however, there are many who left their full-time high-paying jobs to teach kids. Some have who were school teachers but left their jobs to reach a wider audience in online mode. Digital education has broadened the horizon for teachers and made teaching a desirable profession again.

After facing a lack of interest towards the profession from young guns, now ed-tech space has made the profession a hot pick once agian. Constant learning, reach to the future generation, and better remunerations in the digital space have made teaching a lucrative career pick once again. On Teachers’ Day, here’s a look at such teachers –

Praveen Budhrani, a senior faculty at INFS and a coach at Fitrr

Praveen Budhrani

Formerly a Chartered Accountant (CA), Budhrani has joined the Institute of Nutrition and Fitness Sciences as a senior faculty member a year and a half back. “When I got an opportunity to work as a teacher that too in the field of fitness science, it was nothing short of a dream job,” says he.

Having been passionate about fitness all throughout his life, he has been training for over seven years before joining INFS. “During my time as a CA, I was not able to give time to my mental and physical health and felt burned as I was working 14 hours a day and waiting for weekends. As an educator, the amount of gratitude I have received from my students, I will never get this while working at a corporate. I feel when I am working as a fitness educator I am making a bigger impact in the students’ life directly,” explains Budhrani.

Also, a fitness coach with Fitrr, he delivers most of his classes via live videos and lectures. When asked about what he likes the most being an educator, he promptly replies, “What is important as an educator is to teach my students an evidence-based approach that can help them in the future even after they move out of my shadow. It is important to make students more job-ready and making them understand and gather the knowledge in practice,” he adds.

Kushagr Dhingra, Teacher and AVP, Business Finance & Strategy at BYJU’s

Kushagr Dhingra

A native of Sonipat, Haryana, Dhingra also left his well-paying job as a CA and joined the ed-tech giant BYJU’s in October 2017 as a commerce and finance teacher. When asked about the shift in the job, he says he never left the profession. “I have been using my expertise and corporate experience at BYJU’S both in making learning fun and super practical as well as in the strategy and business finance team where I take care of financial planning and analysis apart from teaching.”

There are two aspects about teaching which he enjoys, explains Dhingra. “The fact that teaching involves a great amount of learning and the impact that teaching creates is unparalleled,” he adds.

Saraswati Sharma, Learning Coach, StayQrious

Saraswati Sharma

Kolkata-based Sharma first started teaching as a pre-primary teacher at DPS Megacity and later joined Teach For India where she taught more than 100 students of a small government school in Kubernagar, Ahmedabad. She joined ed-tech platform StayQrious in 2020 as a learning coach.

“Many times, teachers are engaged in some admin or clerical work in schools and tend to leave the students unattended leading to wastage of the students’ time. Students sometimes do not pay enough attention in class. Hence, teachers need to check on them personally, causing a waste of time for other students. Also, the physical classroom is not designed for personalised learning or special attention,” says Sharma about her apprehensions on teaching offline,” opines Sharma when asked about her shift from offline to online teaching.

As an online teacher, she can give her undivided attention to subject delivery techniques. Besides, regular interaction with parents and making them aware of their child’s progress report is an advantage when it comes to online teaching, she says.

“The progress reports are automated. The coaches just need to add our comments rather than doing too much manual work which only decreases the efficiency of the teachers. There’s a curriculum team that ensures that the sessions are meaningful and worthy. Hence, the coaches have to focus mostly on the delivery techniques and giving more individualized attention to all the students in the class,” she explains.

Nrupul Dev, Co-Founder and CTO, Masai Schools

Nrupul Dev

The lead the curriculum team at Masai, Dev earlier worked as a developer for several IT companies. A self-proclaimed ‘Education Enthusiast’, he is also a teacher at the edtech platform. The idea to shift to edtech came to him after the pandemic began as it was the need of the hour, he explains.

“Breaking down the knowledge into smaller chunks to achieve a great outcome is an effective teaching method. Each learning outcome must be followed by a practice session, a quick assessment, and further moving forward with the next learning outcome. These processes are available in the online learning platforms,” he explains. According to Dev, executing all of this offline can be challenging. If a student want to re-visit the lecture or if someone misses an offline session, they will be completely lost.

“Everyone involved in the process of learning and education had to shift online. One could not just sit and wait, every interaction and the things being done in traditional modes had to be rethought and moved online,” he adds.

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