Life is a Long Journey between human being and being human.

Life is a long Journey between human being and being humane (UPSC 2020)


Life is a Long Journey between human being and being human. From slavery to freedom, from ignorance to enlightenment and the whole story in between, Life magazine was there. And Life will always be there…for those who want to see

To be a human being is to have two essential ways of being in the world. On the one hand, humans are beings who find ultimate meaning not beyond but within themselves, in their quest for goodness and their dedication to life. But at the same time, they are also needy creatures who need others to nourish and care for them and without whom they cannot hope to survive. The Journey between these two dimensions is both an inward and an outward search-a search into our souls and at the same time out into the larger world.

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In this journey, we need to keep walking in practice incessantly without being sad or desperate. To be complete with ourselves, with the reason why we are born in the first place, is to be with Humane itself. It is a continuous challenge that we just get it wrong, correct it ourselves, end up in a confused state and reflect again. It doesn’t matter how many times we fail or how far we are from your goal.

Weak people are often concerned with how human they look; strong people are concerned with how humane they can be. The weak inevitably stumble over something in the road, become discouraged and fall off. Strong people know that there is only one direction in which to proceed, even when there is no signpost to point the way.

Journey could be anything Physical, mental, Spiritual, moral, Psychological, Sociological, Economic, political , environmental, historical, environmental .At every point of time man learns to be human in courtesy and humane in practice although there are many odds and evens at every progressive stage. Thus Life is a Long Journey between human being and being human.

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