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Lanke, directed by RamPrasad, is the first commercial entertainer to hit theatres post-second-wave lockdown. And actor Krishi Thapanda, who was last seen in Kannadakaagi Ondannu Otti, feels excited to see herself back on the silver screen after a long time. “Unfortunately, I didn’t have a release for almost two and a half years due to Corona lockdown and other reasons. It feels more or less like my debut again with Lanke,” says Krishi.

The film is releasing on September 10 on the occasion of Ganesha, and that makes it an even more special film for Krishi. “With the third wave looming around the corner, it is a scary time for all of us. The Lanke team was skeptical whether or not to release the film during this time and with 50 percent occupancy. But we had finished shooting Lanke in February 2019, and it has been a long wait. With things gradually settling right now, we decided it is best to start with our film. It will give hope to other filmmakers to opt for theatre releases. Similarly, it is time for the audience to step out and have some entertainment… with all precautionary measures.”

Krishi Thapanda

According to Krishi, Lanke is a proper commercial film with elements of love, hatred, blood, laughs, sentiment, and family drama. “Lanke film is set in two different eras. One is set in the 70s and 80s and the other is in the present. The climax connects these two episodes. The title Lanke reminds us of Ramayana, Rama, Sita, and Ravana. Every human being connects to these characters even today. Everyone has their Ram and Ravana hidden in them and reacts according to the situation. As for my role, I am introduced as a next-door girl, but she will eventually take an intense transformation,” she says.

Lanke has Krishi sharing space with Yogi for the first time, however, she has been quite connected with the actor off-screen too, she says. “Yogi and I have been badminton partners, and we have been good friends even before the film. We have been wanting to team up for a film, and Lanke brought us together,” says Krishi, adding, “Working with a known person helped the on-screen chemistry. Around Yogi, the ambiance gets jovial, and it’s a good experience to work with him. I would like to associate with Yogi again.”

Apart from Yogi, the film also has the late Sanchari Vijay and Kavya Shetty in prominent roles. “The film had a great cast. However, I still had my own screen space to prove myself,” says Krishi, who has four more films lined up for release. “Lanke is just the beginning. I keep my fingers crossed and hope to see the rest of my films on the silver screen soon,” she signs off.

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