Karnataka: Less-polluting turmeric Ganeshas are the flavour of this season | Bengaluru News

BENGALURU: Karnataka State Pollution Control Board’s initiative to promote eco-friendly turmeric Ganesha idols has evoked huge response from the public.
Hundreds of people, including schoolchildren and members of various organisations, have come forward to prepare turmeric Ganesha idols and contribute towards pollution control during the busy festival season. Turmeric Ganesha’s are made using turmeric powder and wheat/ragi/rice flour, which are biodegradable and immersible at home.
Considering large gatherings during the festival season could increase the risk of Covid infections, turmeric Ganeshas will ensure people don’t step out of their homes to buy or immerse idols.
S Madhusudan, senior environment officer, awareness cell, KSPCB, Bengaluru said their target is to make one million eco-friendly, antiseptic turmeric Ganeshas in the state. Officers of pollution control boards of neighbouring Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Kerala too liked the concept of turmeric Ganesha and have sought details to popularise the same in their respective states, he added.
With Rotary Bangalore Parisara as its community partner, KSPCB is promoting turmeric Ganesha idols in apartments and Rotary communities by conducting workshops on how to make them. They have tied up with various organisations, apartment complexes and Bharat Scouts and Guides for the cause.
Nagesh Sidhanti, chairperson of Rotary Bangalore Parisara, told STOI that clay is sourced from agricultural lands and the same returns to the banks of tanks and lakes after immersion. This affects the water-holding capacity of waterbodies due to the silt.
Sidhanti said idols can be made in abstract forms and there are no strict rules on shape and design, he added.
Sidhanti said even if people want to make clay Ganesha idols, they can do so, but they should get the clay from their own garden and put it back there as it will take years to turn into one fistful of soil. A multi-media publicity campaign is under way across the city to underline the need for turmeric Ganeshas. It has elicited huge enthusiasm in apartment complexes across Bengaluru.
Samanvitha Sharma, a resident of Renaissance Park I, Malleswaram, said, “This is the first time that I have heard of turmeric Ganesha and the best thing about this is that you can easily make it with ingredients at home. Also, you have the satisfaction of doing something on your own.”
Sharma said that earlier her family would buy organic Ganesha idols, but for that they had to go out of the house. She said for this festive season, her mother, she and her son will prepare turmeric Ganesha. Resident of Purva Highland, Sriram V, said, “I liked this concept as we are not polluting the environment by using Plaster of Paris paint and chemicals.”
Children too seem to have taken a liking for turmeric Ganesha. “I watched a video on how turmeric Ganesha is made. It is interesting and appears easy. The best part is all natural ingredients are used in making it. I have been forwarding the video to my friends to encourage them to make the idol,” said Shreya Terdal, a class 9 student of Narayana Group of Schools, Kasturi Nagar, Bengaluru.

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