Kadambini Ganguly UPSC Notes (prelims and Mains)

Kadambini Ganguly : Born in Calcutta on 18 July 1861, Kadambini was the daughter of Haradhan Rai Ganguly and Prabhabati devi. She completed her medical training at the Women’s Medical College of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, United States.

  • At the age of only 27 she returned home to found the first modern hospital for women and children in rural India. The hospital was called Dhakai Dharbar Women’s General Hospital or Dhakai Dharbar Mohila Hospital as it is referred to today.
  • Kadambini Ganguly was one of the first female graduates of the entire British Empire (together with Chandramukhi Bose) and became the first Western medicine doctor not only in India, but also throughout South Asia.
  • Kadambini Bose was born to a liberated father. Director Brajakishore Bose is also a fanatical follower of Brajakishore Bose’s ideals. When child marriages and sati and other misconduct conflicts, Kadambini always bears the glass ceiling fixed on women’s freedom.
  • In the Barisal area of ​​Bangladesh (now in Bangladesh), even received English education at that time, first at Brahmoyden Girls’ School in Dhaka, then Hindu Mahirawi in Baliganj, Kolkata Diale.
  • The second school was later renamed Banga Mahila Bidyalay in 1876; it merged with Bethune School two years later.
  • Kadanbini met her future husband at Bethune’s school, and he may have played the most important role in helping her realize her full human potential. Her mentor, Dwarakanath Ganguly, is 17 years older than her and is an ardent advocate of Brahmo Samaj and women’s liberation.
  • Kadambini’s struggle as a woman who wants to study medicine Kadambini wants to take the entrance examination of the University of Kolkata (CU), as does a Bengali Christian girl from Dehra Dun-Chandramukhi Basu.
  • But the school team has not yet recruited female students. Sarala was married and could not take the exam, but Kadambini passed the exam only in the first class.
  • the Queen Mother of Nepal in 1895-96 and help her recover. Her business was booming and she soon quit her job in the hospital. . She began to be called by the royal family for treatment. However, another surprising case occurred. A male doctor diagnosed a girl with a tumor on the abdomen, but Kadanbini was correctly diagnosed as pregnant, and she gave birth smoothly. But never let it fall between her and her work.
  • On October 3, 1923, the 63-year-old Kadanbini performed a critical operation on a patient. When he got home, he was slumped and died that night. Kadambini’s social work for empowerment in India In addition to being a doctor, Kadambini is also a power that symbolizes the female voice. Although the National Congress of India (INC) was established in 1885, it does not allow women to participate, as Dwarakanath has expressed since then.
  • But in 1889, Kadanbini and five other women were able to participate and became the first female doctor in India. He even moved to thank you. At the next INC meeting in Kolkata in 1890, Kadanbini gave a speech in English and became the first woman in INC to do so.

After the partition of Bangladesh, Kadanbini organized a women’s conference in Kolkata in 1906. In 1908, she established an association to help Satyagraha workers in Transvaal, South Africa. In addition, when Gandhi organized a meeting in Saharan Brahma in memory of Gandhi during his visit to Kolkata in 1914, she presided over the meeting. 

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