J&J vaccine not very effective against Delta, says study

The Johnson & Johnson’s single-dose Covid vaccine produced relatively low levels of antibodies against the Delta and Lambda variants in a study, raising questions about how well the shot will hold up against the strain.
The lab study, released on the preprint server bioRxiv, hasn’t been peer-reviewed and focuses on one key portion of the immune response, called neutralising antibodies. New York University scientists found that J&J’s vaccine produced roughly five-fold lower levels of the protective antibodies against Delta compared to the levels raised against an early strain. “The message that we wanted to give was not that people shouldn’t get the J&J vaccine, but we hope in the future, it will be boosted with either another dose of J&J or a boost with Pfizer or Moderna,” said the study’s lead virologist Nathaniel Landau. The study examined only one aspect of protection, J&J said, and didn’t consider long-lasting responses among immune cells stimulated by its shot.

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