It was a life-changing experience: Shubha Poonja on Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8- The New Indian Express

By | June 11, 2021

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For Shubha Poonja, her stint in the reality show Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 has been a life-changing experience, says the actor, who now wants to be careful with the kind of films she chooses. “Bigg Boss has given me love from family, which I got to know once I was out of the house. My fan base has tripled and I have gained a lot of women fans. This is something new for me.

From now on whatever I choose, I will make sure that it will draw viewers,” says Shubha, adding, “People liked me in Moggina Manasu, however, they did not show the same interest in my other films. I feel that as an actor, the audience likes you in the characters you play. But after watching me on the reality show, they look at personality and connect with you for being real,” she says. 

The actor is waiting for the release of Tridevi, which is a heroine-centric film, following which she has a thriller, Rhymes, ready for release. “The only other project I have signed and yet to begin shoot is Ambuja. This is a horror thriller, which I’m waiting for to take off. Whatever comes next, I will make sure I prioritise content which will attract a family audience,” she says.

When she was offered a spot in the reality show, Shubha had a lot of apprehensions. However, it was her fiance, Sumanth Bilava, who suggested she participate. “He told me that I should not hesitate to experiment with something new. He felt it was an opportunity for me to show the people of Karnataka the real me. Looking back, it was the best platform for people to get to know me. It was an amazing experience, and it has changed my perspective on life. Today, I value the people around me and people in general. I am so grateful for everything I have, including a packet of biscuits,” she admits.

For Shubha, the Bigg Boss house was a ride of emotions. However, Season 8 was different with the contestants locked in the house at a time when most others in the outside world too were under lockdown. The actor, who missed Sudeep on the show, was heartbroken when the show got suspended. “We were not aware of the gravity of the situation. All of us were very sad to learn that people are losing near and dear ones. I heard stories of those who couldn’t save lives. I felt it was not about money anymore.

Technicians working for the reality show had to put their life at risk. Considering the grave situation, we felt it was better to come out,” says Shubha, adding that it was a pity that they couldn’t interact much with Sudeep. “He treated us like kids and explained the do’s and don’ts. He brought smiles to our faces. We didn’t have anyone to correct us during the last three weeks when he could not host the show, after which things came to a standstill,” says  Shubha, who is otherwise calm and happy, and is learning to enjoy life without a phone

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