UPSC 2016 Essay thinking lines: Innovation is the key determinant of economic growth and social welfare

We have been talking about here is the courage to accept and dedication to improve(innovation) are the two keys to success now this essay is going to be in the consonance of the tradition that the UPSC is now started following that is a writing asking is suits to write abstract assessing and if you’re able to write an abstract essay then this job is much more difficult and of course, it goes on to very mark fetching as well.

Now to begin with this essay that is encouraged to accept and dedication to improve are the two keys to success what this goes into show is and what exactly that we can decipher is a to be successful you have to accept a certain type of a change now in order to accept a certain type of a change you have to accept certain things you have to have courage for innovation.

Maybe you have made a mistake we have to accept it and once you’ve accepted it then maybe they are not even without it, suppose you must be dedicated to improving yourself because improvement is a process improvement is a not exactly it’s an end to something though improvement is something that you keep on doing it every time and it goes into many every sphere.
Most of us people go on to know it much better taking a look at the evolution of the mobile phones the way that they have improved the way telecommunication has improved and away a lot of other tech known gadgets also has improved what this is he goes on to seek to explain is a successor and we are going to be talking about what success is a success is all about leading your life the way you want to the only meaning of success is leading your life the way you want to.

If you want to lead your life by being powerful and if you grab power we’re successful if you want to lead your life by bringing very famous and we are able to become popular very successful if you want to lead your life by being very simple and you are actually able to lead a simple life then that is successful.

If you are able to garner a lot of respectability and this is what exactly your definition of a leading your life is and you give God respectability then that is also what is a success the success is all about leading your life the way you want to there are no components of this success one of them is a person now there is going to be societal, that means one for yourself rather show to the world you can go on to belong to any of these categories.

Personal success is about satisfaction and happiness it is going to be imbibed in enshrined in once a character once ethos and once self-understanding it that is completely untouched by the outside volume so satisfaction is all about how society sees you what exactly is the type of image that you want to have in the society.

whether you are able to have this image in the society or not the popularity and the respectability that you’re going to be getting it now some people can going to be completely untouched by this popularity respectability if they are very self contended but then if you want to see yourself popular and maybe respectable of course both of them are very different and both of them do not go into both side by side didn’t go in to go along with it as well right.

something that is going to be popular is not it’s very difficult to find respectability and anything that is going to be having respectability or a very high degree of it which doesn’t go to become popular at all because people do not go on to get themselves attached to that component other aspect is to reach nobility to influence the government the people and coupled with the monetization component essentially the monetization component is what exactly the new youth community understands itself much better than anyone else.

Right now that is the earning say that reflects itself in the earnings and the revenue and which a fleet has become the most important component and realistic from the measurement of success so even in both the function personal improvement as a mark of satisfaction and courage to accept newer circumstances new accounts and all of these are newer aspects it requires some degree of courage and dedication to improving that means you’re constantly working to it.

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