[Solved] Indian diaspora has a decisive role to play in the politics and economy of America and European Countries”. Comment with examples (UPSC GS -2 Mains 2020)

The Indian Diaspora has emerged over three stages in firstly Indian people were led by colonial powers to work as plantation workers (like in Sri Lanka, Caribbean islands, Fiji, etc.), secondly, in search of better economic opportunities, many Indian went to countries like the US and many European countries and thirdly to gulf countries as skilled and semi-skilled laborers.

Role played by the Indian diaspora

  • Electoral Power- A significant population in these countries is Indian and this can change the political dynamics of the country.
  • Political power- A lot of key positions in the government of these countries are acquired by people of Indian origin Eg -Vice President of US, Defence Minister of Canada, UK Parliamentarians, etc.
  • Diplomacy- a large emigrant group helps furthering the nation’s diplomacy through people to people contact. The Indo-US Civil Nuclear Deal is a case in point, as ethnic Indians in the United States successfully lobbied for clenching of the deal.
  • Economic Power- a lot of well educated Indians have settled in these countries and are contributing to the growth of their economy. Eg- Sundar Pichai
  • Soft Power- Influence of Indian cuisine, yoga, Indian culture, movies, ISKON festival, etc 

Today, the Indian diaspora is both specialist and the instrument of India’s soft force and in created nations, it goes about as a viable part in impacting the elements of these nations.

  • Rich Minority Group: Indian diaspora is one of the richest minorities in many developed countries, this helped them to lobby for favorable terms regarding India’s interests.

  • For example, at 2.8 million, Indians may number just 1% of the U.S. population, but they are the most educated and richest minority, according to a 2013 Pew survey.
  • Considerable Vote Bank: Indian diaspora is not just a part of India’s soft power, but a fully transferable political vote bank as well.

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s reception at Madison Square Garden is a way of thanking the Indian-American community members who played a big part in his electronic campaign and election funding.
  • Indian Diaspora in Political Position: Many people of Indian origin hold top political positions in many countries, in the US itself they are now a significant part of Republicans and Democrats, as well as the government.

  • Most recently, the newly elected Vice president of the US, Kamala Harris, is of Indian origin.
  • Influencing Foreign Policy Decision: Indo-US Civil Nuclear Deal is a case in point, as ethnic Indians in the United States successfully lobbied for clinching of the Nuclear-deal.
  • Indian Identity: Within America and Europe, the Indian Diaspora is an effective public diplomacy tool and is acknowledged for its work ethos, discipline, non-interference, and peaceful living with the locals.

  • These values ultimately contribute to identity creation, image projection, and image cultivation of the Indians in the developed world.
  • New Wave of Indian Migration: The Indian Diaspora has been channelled into U.S. and European countries mainly through student admission programs, beneficiaries of H-1B visa program, family-based preference, and temporary worker visa programs.

  • Currently, a high percentage of Indian immigrants are young, highly educated, and well established in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) sectors.
  • Rishi Sunak who became chancellor is referred to as a “possible Britain’s future prime minister” by many. There are over 2 lakh Indians in Italy playing a part in dairy, agricultural and domestic service sectors.
  • Indian diaspora is instrumental in public healthcare delivery in the EU. Recently, in Ireland, there has been substantial demand for skilled healthcare workers. These are some tangible reflections of India’s soft power.

The Indian diaspora is likewise helping common advantage to both USA, EU and Indian home state too by sending enormous settlement to back to India. However, the ability of the Indian diaspora was not perceived by numerous individuals of created countries like the USA, European nations. They were given possibilities as a salaried individual yet not as overseeing and proprietorship level. Because of this Indian nationals was lost the name of creations level and they are covering with created countries to perceived their innovations ability and created countries should think about its decision.

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