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IIT-Delhi to Set-up Atmospheric Observatory in Sonipat Campus

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The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi will soon establish a Centre for Atmospheric Sciences (CAS) – an atmospheric observatory – at its Sonipat campus. The Centre aims to enable researchers in finding sustainable solutions to problems of erratic monsoon, extreme weather events associated with climate change, severe air pollution.

The atmospheric observatory is said to be equipped with equipment including meteorological tower, wind profilers, radars for cloud and rain observations, and greenhouse gases (GHG) monitors. Further, there are also instruments to measure radiation and air pollution, including aerosol chemical speciation monitor, particle sizer, spectrometers, particle counter, and activity analyserm, as per the IIT.

“With the help of equipment and resources made available at the observatory, the experts will be able to understand ground-based and satellite observations of greenhouse gases, which will eventually help in better understanding of how the pollutants are formed and transported, how they affect air quality, extreme weather, and global warming. Once that is done, researchers will be able to build better models to predict air quality, make more accurate forecasts of the monsoon, extreme weather, and severe air pollution events,” the IIT-Delhi said in an official statement.

The IIT also claimed that continuous, and long-term monitoring of these factors will help in more accurate prediction of trends and a better understanding of impacts of policy interventions to minimize the staggering health and economic impacts of air pollution and climate change.

Dr Madhavan Nair Rajeevan, Secretary, Ministry of Earth Sciences, was the Chief Guest of the occasion and performed the groundbreaking ceremony virtually on Thursday.

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