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IIIT-Delhi to Set-up Centre of Sustainable Mobility to also provide new training courses for students

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The Indraprastha Indian Institute of Technology (IIIT), Delhi and Delhi Knowledge Development Foundation (DKDF) will set-up a Centre of Sustainable Mobility at the institute. Through the centre, the institute plans to set-up new avenues and courses to train the students in the field of public transportation, electric vehicles, and road safety. The research centre will focus on solving the problem of urban transportation in Delhi, said the institute.

The researchers at IIIT-Delhi have been working with the transport department of the GNCTD as well as various transit agencies including DTC, DIMTS and Delhi Metro for the last 3 years to provide services like contactless ticketing in buses and depot management tools for public transport.

The new centre is not only aiming at public transit but also at reducing the number of road accidents. Every year, 1.5 million people die in road accidents in India and affect more than 1 crore people with serious injuries. Hence the Centre of Sustainable Mobility will work towards a better transport infrastructure. This will also play a key role in reducing pollution in the city by enabling people to use public transit.

The faculty in charge of the new research centre, Dr Pravesh Biyani said that they have successfully executed the open data project as well as a contactless ticketing project and is hoping to take the engagement to the next level. He added, “We also hope that technologies we build here are used not only in India but throughout the world. The main goal of this centre is to promote public transit as much as we can”.

IIIT-D Director Ranjan Bose called the new research centre a step towards an increasingly connected, autonomous, electrified, and shared future. He said, “The Center will catalyze research, development and entrepreneurial activities in the area of smart/ sustainable mobility, with a focus on mobility-related problems of Delhi/ NCR. “

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